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Why Some People Take Action

Tony Robbins video with Frank Kern & John Reese discussing how self limiting beliefs stop people taking massive action

Why Some People Take Action You need to know this so you can engineer your own success…​ Develop your really POWERFUL WHY… A DAILY RITUAL (my daily action plan) that takes you towards that why And you’ll soon have the MOMENTUM needed to breakthrough.  Tony’s identified the problem is most people experience a self fulfilling spiral of failure […]

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Evergreen Affiliate Profits Review

Evergreen Affiliate Profits ReviewI bought this yesterday for $6 and liked it.  Here’s why… 1. It gives ONE affiliate product to promote.2. It gives ONE FREE method to drive traffic to that affiliate offer.  Simple.  If you can’t make a system this simple work. DON’T MOVE ON. So What does Evergreen Affiliate Profits promise?A FREE system for making video’s (no you don’t […]

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Evergreen Passive Income

3 Reasons I Bought ‘Evergreen Passive Income’… Do These Apply To You?   Evergreen Passive Income is an affiliate marketing ‘how to’ guide. ​I bought it because I know Rob Cornish the author, and I’m all about creating passive income streams.​ ​Personally, I define passive income as recurring profits from initial set-up work that is done once and then […]

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Making Money Promoting Clickbank Products

Making Money On Clickbank Promoting Other Peoples Products…Clickbank is a marketplace for digital products (’s great about Clickbank is the huge selection of products to choose from. ​ Like any other market not all the products are good… ​ But what is good is that 90% of the products on Clickbank give affiliates automatic ability to promote them. ​ No application or […]

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Day 15 Day 16 My First YouTube Video

My First Video - Talking About What The Wealthy Affiliate Challenge Means To Me

Day 15 was a Sunday. And a beaut, in terms of weather. So relaxed and read some ‘Game of Thrones’ (so good!). Did 1/2 hours worth of keyword research on Susanne’s iPad. Day 16 Monday 28th July – Video Time Made my first YouTube video for my Wealthy Affiliate Challenge YouTube Channel. One of […]

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Evergreen Wealth Formula Review

Featured Image for Evergreen Wealth Formula Review

Evergreen Wealth Formula Review Full Affiliate Marketing Training Program Features X ModulesVideo TrainingEverything Provided ​ User Friendly James is a very good teacher and each video is very easy to implement. Price Not the cheapest but James updates this his ONLY training rather than launch new products! Summary:  None of James Scholes Evergreen Wealth Formula is […]

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Dan Brock First Visitors Basic SEO

Dan Brock live case study SEO and Bookmarking

Dan Brock’s First Visitors & Some Basic SEO…  ​Want to see what Dan’s course is all about visit… ​So if you’ve been following along with Dan’s case study you will have seen him take an idea through to a basic website.  ​Note: Dan hasn’t got any affiliate links on this site yet, he’s not looking to […]

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Affiliate Black Book 3 Review

Affiliate Black Book 3.0RADICAL Unique Effective… John R Barkers Super Affiliate Masterclass Features PDF, Video Training, Webinar ‘Specials’ + All Tools Needed… User Friendly ADVANCED techniques that won’t be for everyone. Price $297 (no Upsells) Paid for itself in weeks. Summary:  Quite simply the best affiliate training I’ve ever seen.  Why You MUST Stop Thinking […]

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Days 9 & 10

Wealthy Affiliate Challenge Day 10

Tuesday 22nd July 2014 – Cannot believe it’s been 10 days already.   Yesterday (day 9) and today I’ve finished off and posted my first draft of the Wealthy Affiliate Review Page. I’ve spent about 7 hours on this one page! Far more work than I originally thought. The on page navigation took me way longer […]

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Day 8 Wealthy Affiliate Challenge

Sunday 20th July 2014 – ‘Borrowed’  Susanne’s (my very patient wife of 20 plus years) new laptop . Big shout out for the Fujitsu Lifebook A Series. Recommended by a friend who repairs computers for it’s German made components and reliability. Awesome so far, and great value at £350 ish. Not a beauty but… You can […]

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Day 2, 3, and 4


I don’t want to bore anyone so I’ll summarise what has so far been mostly planning. My little book has got even more diagrams with boxes and arrows. It also has more content ideas. And I’ve built this website we’re on, and changed it’s theme (Sem-Reloaded free and available from the bottom of the page […]

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