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3 Reasons I Bought ‘Evergreen Passive Income’… Do These Apply To You?


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Evergreen Passive Income is an affiliate marketing ‘how to’ guide.

I bought it because I know Rob Cornish the author, and I’m all about creating passive income streams.​

Personally, I define passive income as recurring profits from initial set-up work that is done once and then left alone (minor monthly maintenance may be required for some profit streams).

A simple example would be writing review posts about products I like (like this one).

About 2 / 3 hours work will result in small, but often consistent affiliate commissions over many months and sometimes years.

And I’m not that good at this stuff.

So when I saw Rob was going to share his approach I knew I had to have it.​



So What Is It And Who’s It For?


Evergreen Passive Income is a Video based training program where Rob shows you how he earns $245.40 daily, some of the specific affiliate programs he promotes, and how he gets traffic to his content.

It’s sold through a Warrior Plus dime sale (price increases slightly after each sale) process with the product costing roughly $10.

It’s for anyone interested in Affiliate Marketing Evergreen long-term products.


Specifically those who have not succeeded with the usual…​

Who evergreen passive income is for

What You Get With Evergreen Passive Income


The screenshot above is of the members area and it gives you a flavor of the easy 1 video at a time approach.

The training consists of 10 videos of between 5 -20 minutes in length covering…

1. A short introduction from Rob.
2. Why most people fail with affiliate marketing.
3.The E+A+A formula that builds instant trust and enables Rob to converts even small amounts of visitors to buyers.

4. The big reveal… a great case study example.

5. Finding suitable products to promote.

6. Getting approved as affiliates.

7. Traffic part-1

8. Traffic part-2

9. Other tractics

10. Context and wrap up.

You also get a really handy PDF cheat sheet of the Evergreen Passive Income system.​

The only up-sell (which I bought) is a list of 75 qualifying affiliate programs we can join and promote.

Do you need the up-sell – absolutely not? But I bought it because I know how much time it takes to find good affiliate products manually.


Frequently Asked Questions


If your question isn’t answered here, please ask in the comments below, I always respond (though please allow me 48 hours max).

Rob’s got a great FAQ chapter at the bottom of his sales page so I won’t duplicate that but I will answer a few other questions I had.


Q. Richard, you promote Wealthy Affiliate. How does Evergreen Passive Income compare?

I would say the focus on ‘integrity’ in your marketing is exactly the same. Both WA and EPI promote 100% authenticity as a powerful strategy to use.

So if you’re already in WA you don’t ‘need’ this, but I’m sure you’d benefit from Rob’s innovative approach.

WA is a huge resource of everything affiliate marketing, delivered in a monthly membership model, whereas EAI is one tightly focused strategy delivered in a one-off payment approach.



Q. Having bought EPI what are you going to implement in your business?


The big 3 for me is (1) Rob’s innovative approach to creating review type content (the E+A+E formula) in a way that builds trust in the reader and his focus on ONLY the best EVERGREEN programs to promote.

Also, (2) Rob’s approach to crafting titles that flys in the face of traditional search engine optimization is particularly appealing to me. This is a zig while all others zag approach that I really like.

Rob recommends that this system is implemented within a website you own, as I own a few websites I will be implementing most of Rob’s simple passive tweaks that improve conversions across all of them.

(3)​ Covered at the end…

Q. Could you do this without your own website?

Having your own website, in my opinion, is the best approach but I do have an idea how you could test this approach for free without committing to buying a domain, hosting and building a site. I’ll return to this later. 



More About Rob Cornish


Rob Cornish author of Evergreen Passive Profits

I wanted to add a little more about Rob, as I believe knowing who you’re buying from is important.

Rob lives in Cornwall in the UK and is building a solid rep, as a trustworthy trainer in the affiliate marketing niche.

Personally, I purchased one of Robs previous products (Interupt2Profit) which I liked enormously.

Rob’s current product Evergreen Passive Income is also going down very well with not just me…

I grabbed a screenshot of the sales stats to illustrate how well…​


​Over 2000 sold with a 1% refund rate!

Pretty much unheard of in the Internet Marketing space.​


3rd Reason I Bought EPI…


When I was looking through Rob’s sales page I thought his affiliate sales screenshots looked familiar…

Anyway see if you can spot the difference…​


And Rob promoting the same product…

Clearly one of us sucks at this…

Unfortunately it’s me!​

The screenshot above is from Rob’s case study​ video where he reveals the exact product he was promoting (I guessed this).

So do you think I was interested to see how Rob so comprehensively kicked my butt?

You bet I was.

Also Rob did this without using any paid traffic!

So though I may not ever beat Robs numbers I know how I can do much, much better…




Clearly I’m a fan of Rob and this particular training.

If you want to check out Evergreen Passive Income yourself click the ‘find out more’ button below.


Evergreen Passive Income Bonus


I created a free guide called ‘Passive Affiliate Profit Streams’ which shares the techniques I use to make modest affiliate profits (like the one I posted above).


Not as impressive as Rob’s, but super easy to implement with GUARANTEED traffic from the get go.

No waiting around for search engines to index your awesome content with its ‘click me’ headline.


​The perfect accompaniment to Rob’s training (imo).

Click the button below to add an accelerator to Rob’s method… 


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