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Wealthy Affiliate Challenge 

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Hi my name is Richard Penfold, and this site is about sharing what online activities earn me money.

Specifically so those interested can copy and achieve similar (hopefully better) results...

All based on simple daily actions that steadily grow your business, your skills ...YOU.

Richard Penfold taking the Wealthy Affiliate Challenge


Earl Nightingale famously states that money comes in direct proportion to the service provided and that the value always has to come first.

And Tony Robbins tells us that if we copy somebody who has achieved what we want. We should get similar results. 

So I'm going to test out what I consider to be credible worthy systems for earning money online using affiliate marketing (earning a commission through promoting other peoples products).

I'm going to LEARN through DOING and SHARING the ACTION steps prescribed by 2 leading online MENTORs.
Helping others by SHARING my actions and RESULTS so that others may benefit from my efforts.

  • Step 1 Is to realize that success is dependent on developing a winning MINDSET.
  • Step 2 Is to gain clarity of my GOAL.
  • Step 3 Find a SUITABLE MENTOR and follow their PROVEN PLAN for it's attainment.
  • Step 4 Take ACTION
  • Step 5 REVIEW RESULTS and  REVISE my actions (if needed)
  • Step 6 REPEAT steps 4 & 5 until I hit my goal.

My goal reads as follows:-

I'm so grateful I've Learned through doing & sharing a simple system for helping people achieve their goals...
 And as proof of it's success we are now earning enough money for Susanne to retire from work.

MENTOR / Proven plan 1: I'm going to test 2 different mentors and their systems at different price points...

Vick Strizheus Four Percent Challenge promises to teach us how to become a top 4% entrepreneur. Super ambitious this program is delivered through three phases of extremely detailed video training that combines MINDSET conditioning within the daily actions steps (I've never seen this before).

Though the training is attractively priced, implementing the strategy will require investment in marketing tools, paid advertising and additional traffic generation training. Though Vick is promising to show us how to break the million dollar barrier!

Higher risk higher reward...

MENTOR / Proven plan 2: Wealthy Affiliate from Kyle and Carson is PROVEN & long established (over 12 years!.)

Wealthy Affiliate membership teaches people how to build successful websites. Though WA does provide training on more advanced marketing strategies that require tools and paid advertising, the core promise of a successful website requires only a domain name and hosting (well under $50 / year) combined with content creation (free but takes time) following the WA approach.

Wealthy Affiliate has been operating for over 12 years. It's well proven. But does it still work?

Low risk...

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