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Hi, my name is Richard Penfold, and this site is about sharing my secret to staying in the affiliate marketing game...

For me PROFITS were a MUST to both motivate and fund my commitment to learning the craft.

Without marketing skills or much budget to play with I had to work smart to stay in this game.

My purpose is to share the system that got me started PROFITABLY and therefore kept me playing whilst I learned the ropes.

I hope it may help you too :)

Richard Penfold taking the Wealthy Affiliate Challenge



The above formula is true, but the word CONVERSION hides a Pandora's box of challenges...

CONVERSION in marketing terms is the ability to get your targeted traffic to take the action YOU want. 

Success depends on SKILL.

Your skill to earn people's trust or to amplify their curiosity to the level where they'll take the action you want.

For those new to the game or 'not yet successful' earning the trust of complete strangers or the building of curiosity takes some serious communication skills. Skills you likely don't have yet.

This is where the problem lies. 

Skill is about delivering the right MESSAGE to the right PERSON at the right TIME. 

If any one of those elements is off your sunk.

Talking to me about home buildings insurance anytime before October this year would have been a complete waste of everybody's  time even though I was AWARE of a big potential PROBLEM!

I simply had so many other things going on, that NO MESSAGE would have grabbed my ATTENTION.

The problem I was aware of could if luck had failed me cost thousands in repair costs ....yet I still did nothing!

The inertia of life.

However when my existing insurance renewal notice came through the letter box I sprang into action like a hungry lion.

I did my homework.

Does my existing insurance cover the 'time bomb' of a problem my property has? ...it didn't.

So I did more homework (searched Google).

And I found a service that would help me solve my problem (an affiliate service).

This service enabled me to search all the insurance providers FAST for the ONE specific thing I needed.

This cost me nothing because they're paid a commission by the insurance companies when sales are made.

I quickly found three insurers that covered my needs. I spoke to one in detail and then SIGNED UP.

About 2 hours of my time and a great solution...

A solution that also saved me money in monthly charges!

The right message, at the right time, to the right person.

Obviously home building insurance is a pretty dull product. But even great products that promise ATTENTION GRABBING RESULTS struggle if the message reaches the wrong person, or as is usually the case the RIGHT person at the WRONG time.

So how without years of copywriting and influencing experience do would be affiliates manage to EARN as they LEARN?...

How To Really
Affiliate Marketing...

The 'ALMOST' Fail Proof System For

Affiliate PROFITS

Solving the message, person, timing thing is a challenge for even the most skilled marketers. 

Marketers with great skills and budget can design campaigns that distill broad audiences down into the few people ready to buy now.

They also have the ability to 'nurture' the vast majority that make up the non-buyers for when the timing is 'better'.

This way experienced marketers can cover initial costs and make profits as they 'nurture' their people over TIME.

When starting I didn't have the skills or the budget to play this game.

I had to make like a SNIPER. 

Target very specific people with proven messages when I KNOW they're INTERESTED.

I doubt this'll make you rich.

It's not high volume.

But it is low risk.

It's about operating PROFITABLY as soon as possible.

It's about Learning a few critical skills whilst staying in the black.

Skills that keep you in the game until you're ready to expand...

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​​​"By sharing my Affiliate Sniper System with you I hope to start you on the right foot to affiliate success.

Sure, there's no such thing as a free lunch...

I hope that getting you started profitably  will result in good karma and consideration when you're looking to amplify your success as your profits and experience grow".


Richard Penfold taking the Wealthy Affiliate Challenge

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