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Hi, my name is Richard Penfold, and this site is about showing you how to build scalable monthly affiliate income.

There's nothing to pay, just evaluate this business model for yourself and decided if it's of interest.

No Strings attached...

Richard Penfold taking the Wealthy Affiliate Challenge

Why Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing offers people a proven business  model that when done properly can be extremely lucrative, and highly automated.

With no need for product creation, transaction processing, customer service, inventory, order fulfilment, staff or business premises it really is a business model that can be started quickly and on a shoestring budget.

But don't let the low cost, low risk elements put you off the potential earnings on offer...

Consider companies like Uber, and AirBnB are affiliate based business models albeit highly advanced.

Comparison sites are affiliate businesses earning revenue through the people that click through and go on to buy a product or service after comparing.

Affiliate marketing can also be as simple as somebody posting a product review on Youtube with their affiliate link in the video description (zero cost with this method!).

So if you're looking to build another income stream affiliate marketing is a proven option.

There's A Problem Tho...

95% of affiliate marketers FAIL!

How can this be if affiliate marketing is such a simple and low risk business model?

I've created a detailed post on why people fail as affiliates here >>>

But in a nutshell the simple model and low cost low risk start up means that there is a HUGE, GIGANTIC, MASSIVE...

A lot of competition.

Meaning that whatever strategy you chose it takes more _____________ to stand out from the masses and get your stuff seen by people.


  • TIME to create the content for free methods
  • MONEY if you've chosen to go the paid ads route

People simply give up before they break through if they go the free route, or they run out of advertising budget if they go paid...

But there are solutions if you look hard enough.

Here's what's working for me and I see no reason why it won't work for you too...


"Systems work. People fail"

Systems are the SECRET to affiliate success...

As an affiliate it's possible with a little effort to find PROVEN systems that do most of the marketing work for us.

This will be your breakthrough too.

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