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Hi, my name is Richard Penfold, and this site is about sharing my journey to building a scalable passive affiliate income business...

Through an automated sequence of content (funnel) that helps people by showing and sharing what's working for me.

If the idea of investing $1 in advertising to make $2,3,4,5 plus in affiliate commission is of interest this site is for you.

Richard Penfold taking the Wealthy Affiliate Challenge


My strategy is to simply show & share with you what is working for me. If it's of interest you may decide to take things further?

So, brace yourself because I'm going to show you mine...

The page you're on is the first page of a short (3 page) sequence that explains what I do, why I do it and how it works.

This for me this is the least 'marketing' approach I could use. It's just me showing & sharing. 

It's authentic and I'm explaining the thinking behind it as I believe this is a good approach for people that are looking to break into affiliate marketing by just being themselves...

No pretending. 

No fake it till you make it BS.

This home page is a brief intro.

The next page explains the process in more detail and shares the discovery that changed everything for me. 

The last page puts it all in perspective and shares some of my recent results from following this simple approach.

The objective of showing & sharing is to help people interested in building their own passive affiliate business.

Evaluate mine, see its performance and use anything that takes your fancy.

Simply consume the information and see what you think...

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