Making Money On Clickbank Promoting Other Peoples Products...

Clickbank is a marketplace for digital products (

What's great about Clickbank is the huge selection of products to choose from.

Like any other market not all the products are good...

But what is good is that 90% of the products on Clickbank give affiliates automatic ability to promote them.

No application or any other jumping through hoops required.

like the look of a product... get your unique affiliate link... promote it... hopefully make money 🙂

Picking the right products to promote is the most important part of the process...

Gael from is going to show you their process for selecting Clickbank offers to promote.

It's worth noting that Gael made $37k promoting Clickbank offers in their FIRST year.

Gael knows how to pick good products...​

Quick summary of the video...

Gael looks for Clickbank Gravity of over 20 (means affiliates have sold this product over the last 12 weeks... if they can we can?)

Gael's not put of by a low front end price if the product offers upsells and recurring elements that can increase your average commission earned.

You can easily pause, rewind and fast forward the video if you want to clarify any points... this is good training from an honest marketer.

...So Gael has now found a good product from Clickbank what does he do next?

Let's take a look...

Gael is not your average affiliate... and here's why...

Authority Hacker - How To Make Money On Clickbank

Gael goes to a lot of effort to collect email addresses of people interested in the product topic (Paleo in the example) and to add value (the free quick start guide).

By collecting email addresses and building a list of people interested in Paleo Gael has given himself the opportunity to market other relevant products further down the line...

This is very smart. ​

Let's dig a little deeper...

1. Gael first selected his affiliate product to promote from Clickbank.

2. Then decided upon and created his lead capture incentive (a Paleo checklist guide).

3. Email marketing set up comes next. This is a 'thank you' for people that opt-in to get the freebie, and a series of 3 emails which Gael has pre-written that will go out 1 per day after somebody had opted in.

The Clickbank product will be linked to from the thank you page​ and from one or more of the email follow ups.

4. An on topic article that's sole purpose is to PROMOTE the free incentive (capture leads). Gael does not even link to the product at this point!

5. Gael uses paid advertising to drive targeted traffic to his article (Facebook and Outbrain in his example).

6. Gael also uses paid re-targeting advertising to promote his opt-in page to visitors to his article that didn't optin first time.


That's a pretty slick set up. 

This is the approach that has made Gael a lot of money and one we can all learn from.

Want to check out Gael's original article - click here...​



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