Evergreen Affiliate Profits bought and reviewed. Does Kirstie Chiles deliver on her promise...

Evergreen Affiliate Profits Review

I bought this yesterday for $6 and liked it.

Here's why...

1. It gives ONE affiliate product to promote.
2. It gives ONE FREE method to drive traffic to that affiliate offer.


If you can't make a system this simple work. DON'T MOVE ON.

So What does Evergreen Affiliate Profits promise?

A FREE system for making video's (no you don't have to appear yourself) that get viewers to click on your affiliate link by offering them a great free course (you don't have to provide the course).

Kristie the lady who's behind this system and has been promoting this affiliate program since 2009 endorses it... "the best paying affiliate program in the dog training niche".

So for me Evergreen Affiliate Profits delivers on it's promise by showing me the exact affiliate program (dog training - Evergreen niche - Evergreen established affiliate program), AND the way Kristie has promoted it.

In a hurry check out Evergreen Affiliate Profits here...

Over to Kristie...

So I wanted to check out he affiliate program a little more... it's clearly VITAL to the value of this product. Right?

I found 3 video's from Kristie sharing this program AND a way to check out the affiliate program that I think all affiliates should know.

These video's were filmed in 2014 according to YouTube and if you check out Kristie's YouTube channel you can also see that's she's been doing exactly what she tells you in the training.

Proving that Kristie and the system are 100% legit 🙂

So without further ado here's Kristie (drum role)...


It's very rare to find affiliate programs that credit affiliates throughout their follow up campaigns.

This is why this affiliate program is so good (80% commissions on the front end sales is pretty good too).

To prove to herself that the company did credit her with the commissions. Kristie signed up to the free course UNDER HER AFFILIATE LINK so that she could then get the follow up emails and click through to check her link was used.

So now you know the best dog training affiliate program.

Do you want to know Kristie's simple video system?

If so click here...

What about the upsells?

The basic product is a PDF document that teaches everything you need to know.

The upsells add the option for step by step video training, done for you keyword research (so all you have to do is crank out the video's), and finally a members academy of one on one coaching (I think - I buzzed through the upsells quite quickly).

The upsells are all relevant to the product, but you don't need them unless you prefer video training and all the done for you stuff.

In closing if you're interested in the dog training niche get this product...

Visit Evergreen Affiliate Profits here...



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