Affiliate Black Book 3.0
RADICAL Unique Effective...

Affiliate Black Book 3 by John R Barker

John R Barkers Super Affiliate Masterclass


PDF, Video Training, Webinar 'Specials' + All Tools Needed...

User Friendly

ADVANCED techniques that won't be for everyone.


$297 (no Upsells)
Paid for itself in weeks.

Summary:  Quite simply the best affiliate training I've ever seen. 

  • Why You MUST Stop Thinking Like An Affiliate
  • The Four Quadrants of Traffic
  • And How To Market To EACH
  • How To Get Paid To Build Lists Of Targeted Visitors.
  • How To Pick Guaranteed PROFITABLE Affiliate Products To Promote.
  • This maybe too advanced for some newbies - definitely view it but NOTE the caution.

What Affiliate Black Book Means To Me...

Wealthy Affiliate Vs Affiliate Black Book 3.0

Not going to happen. Vastly different products and propositions.

Wealthy Affiliate provides so much more than just training (keyword tools, best WordPress hosting I've experienced, and a fun inspiring community).

I love my food...

Wealthy Affiliate is like a buffet of EVERYTHING online marketing.

If you're just starting it's perfect because you can try a little of everything, find the stuff that you like... and keep going back for more.

ABB is leading edge nutrition for a high performing body (it's not about liking it​).

It's laser targeted, and it get results... FAST!

The absolute key points for me are...

John has over 15 years experience starting as an in house affiliate manager before moving into consultancy and creating his own products... he shares tips and a tool for implementing some of them that are radical (you've been warned).

John's system is about working smart on EVERGREEN topics to get paid repeatedly for work done once (ideal for my retirement funding goal)

An approach to working ONLY on stuff that moves you forward... no busywork here (this caused me some pain).​

Understanding the 4 quadrants of TRAFFIC and how to market to each... get the mix wrong and your business will flounder.

Concentrate on ONE THING. If you can't make a simple system work you'll never make a complex one work... ever.​

Taking John's advice is seeing me concentrate on only a ONE THING at a time so taming my urge for procrastination, I'm achieving more with less and am learning skills that are aligned with my objectives.

Negatives? Obviously I love this product but it's not for everyone...

It's 100% about affiliate marketing, leveraging other peoples products to make money.

Kick-ass Pay Per Click traffic techniques.

Quality content, list building, understanding YOUR key metrics = make money.

If any of the above scares you pass it by.


Affiliate Black Book Bonuses

There are no upsells with ABB 3 but there are bonuses... good ones.

Firstly you get the previous version of Affiliate Black Book which is a lot more step by step and granular in detail.

There are also monthly webinar Q&A's which cover questions John receives along the way... (have any questions simply email them to support - John uses the best questions in his video's)​

The big bonus however is Soda Popper which is a WordPress plugin that controls your affiliate links in ways I've never seen before. Seriously if you send traffic down affiliate links this will pay for your investment ​pretty darn quick.

There is also video training that comes with Soda Popper because it's got some seriously covert abilities...​

What Others Think About ABB...




Testing what works online. Sharing the stuff that works and flagging the stuff the doesn't. Model the good stuff avoid the rest... If you have any questions I'm always happy to help :)

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