Evergreen Wealth Formula Review

James Scoles introducing his Evergreen Wealth Formula

Full Affiliate Marketing Training Program


X Modules
Video Training
Everything Provided

User Friendly

James is a very good teacher and each video is very easy to implement.


Not the cheapest but James updates this his ONLY training rather than launch new products!

Summary:  None of James Scholes Evergreen Wealth Formula is new.  But don't let that put you off... this is a about building a responsive email list delivered in James unique style. Personally I like James and if he inspires you to take action this approach is used by all top marketers and simply works.

What I Like (a lot)

  • Really is 'Evergreen'
  • James teaching style
  • EWF is JAMES ONLY training program!
  • James doesn't promote ANY other affiliate offers!
  • I've owned EWF for about 18 months and have seen 2 big updates...

Don't Like

  • This strategy works in ANY niche but James training is focused on the make money niche 

James is a good teacher with a time tested strategy...  His genius is in his approach. He doesn't promote other marketers stuff (and they don't promote his), and he doesn't do product launches... AMAZING!

He does continue to update his coarse and responds and coaches people who buy his training via email... this is so rare.​

If your interested in checking out James training CLICKING the image below will take you to a free training program James provides as part of his sales funnel (another thing I like). So you get something of value way before you ever see his sales page.

James Scoles Rapid Cash System

​Or, CLICK HERE to Check out James Stuff...

Who would benefit from Evergreen Wealth Formula

Who would benefit from Evergreen wealth Formula?

James teaches you everything you need to build a profitable online business.

EWF is about using free traffic to build an email list from which you can build a trusting relationship before marketing whatever it is you want to promote (affiliate offers, physical products, your own services).

​This strategy works for every business, or every business really should use this strategy.

This training would work for anyone wanting to build a profitable business online because being able to build an email list is a fundamental skill set for success.

Who's Evergreen wealth Formula NOT for is the easier question... Anyone who's business model doesn't include list building the answer.​

James training, examples and 'done for you' elements are for the make money online space. So  if you are in another niche you'll have to adapt it. A none MMO example would have been nice.

James answers questiosn about his training on Warrior Forum

Interesting Feedback From The Warrior Forum

Below are screen shots taken from the Warrior Forum...

1. SommerS asks fellow Warriors for their opinion of EWF

Any Warriors review EWF?

2. SommerS gets a reply but wants more details...

3. Gavin then expands on his reply giving this...​

Here's where it gets interesting.

4. James Scholes adds his own feedback...​

James replies to EWF questions

Clicking on the images will expand them if you're struggling to read the dialogue.

If you don't want to read the dialogue...

Gavin replied saying he bought Evergreen Wealth System and even though he is 'full time' on line recommends it as a solid evergreen strategy​ with some of the best Youtube traffic tactics he'd ever seen.

James then entered the conversation to explain why there isn't the normal hoopla surrounding the training.

James didn't promote EWF on the Warrior Forum or too Warriors directly.​

James also doesn't promote any other marketers training so doesn't do the promote me and I'll promote you dance that's rife in the industry... TRULY UNIQUE!​

It's also his approach to keep updating his only training program rather than follow the endless launch approach.

And he ALWAYS personally replies to emails helping people to implement his training.

Next... An AMAZING example of James helping...

Evergreen Wealth Formula Email Support

Below is a video James shot showing how he helps people via email.

This is pretty amazing...



Testing what works online. Sharing the stuff that works and flagging the stuff the doesn't. Model the good stuff avoid the rest... If you have any questions I'm always happy to help :)

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