My First Video - Talking About What The Wealthy Affiliate Challenge Means To Me

Day 15 Day 16 My First YouTube Video

Day 15 was a Sunday.

And a beaut, in terms of weather.

So relaxed and read some ‘Game of Thrones’ (so good!).

Did 1/2 hours worth of keyword research on Susanne’s iPad.

Day 16 Monday 28th July – Video Time

Made my first YouTube video for my Wealthy Affiliate Challenge YouTube Channel.

One of my personal objectives was to push myself outside of my comfort zone a little.

And making videos with me in them does that.

I have made video’s before but have always never been comfortable on screen.

I would like to try and get a little more comfortable / natural with video.

Anyways had all manner of technical problems as well, but finally got a video I’m OK with.

To create my first YouTube Video

To build a ‘Getting Started’ page

Recorded my first video.

1/2 hour keyword research around the prime keyword ‘niche’

Time Taken
1/2 Keyword research

4 hours to make 1.5 minutes of video! – Tech issues with my webcam and general video incompetence  😥

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