Day 2, 3, and 4


I don’t want to bore anyone so I’ll summarise what has so far been mostly planning.

My little book has got even more diagrams with boxes and arrows.


It also has more content ideas.

And I’ve built this website we’re on, and changed it’s theme (Sem-Reloaded free and available from the bottom of the page here …

Note on the theme. I use the Sem-Reloaded WordPress theme because it has more widget areas than I’ve ever seen (not just in the sidebar).

This makes it very flexible especially if you combine it with the free WP Widget Context plugin which enables you to control on when widgets are shown to visitors.

For example if you have a category on your site about cats you can have a cat specific set of sidebar, header, footer widgets shown to people who visit your cat content (pages and or posts).

When they move away from that content they see your sites general site info.

I’m not sure that I’m ever going to need that level of flexibility on this site though.

The website took under a minute to build…. really (about 15 including the theme change and sidebar widget)

Kyle from Wealthy Affiliate shows how easy it is to build a website with the express builder

Watch Kyle ‘s website set up video

Right back to the subject at hand.

Because I have chosen to make this site about Wealthy Affiliate and the promotion of WA I’ve no need to go through the picking a niche training.

However this is very good training and can be accessed here for anyone interested in developing site / business ideas.

One of my personal objectives was to speed my production up.

So the recording of training done and how I’m implementing it does give me plenty of content ammunition.

I’m also thinking that I’m going to create WordPress pages for important content that I intend to update, and WordPress posts like this for the journal information and other content that I may create.

For example I plan on setting up a network of free web 2.0 sites and a Youtube channel for the purpose of syndicating my content to both attract people back here and also provide back links to help the sites Google rank.

Therefore I see the subject of ‘content syndication’ as being a ‘page’ topic, as it will change over time.

Content Plan

Continue doing daily (maybe – journal entries) discussing the training utilized and my outcomes.

A second thread of content ‘pages’ describing in more detail my content syndication ideas.

Without over thinking it at this stage I don’t see the syndication kicking in until I’ve got at least 20 posts or pages.

As the site evolves I should also add reviews of Wealthy Affiliate and any other tools or services I might use.

I see Youtube as playing a big part in both traffic generation and link building.

I plan on creating videos on answering questions about Wealthy Affiliate and posting them on a specialist Youtube channel that I’ll create.


Get the site built and my mind clear on site structure and navigation.

Site built OK, with first content added.

Time Taken
Approx 3.5 hours

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