Days 5 6 & 7 Saturday 19th July 2014

2014 UK Electrical Storms

Writing this on a muggy Saturday morning in the UK.

2014 UK Electrical StormsAlso had the most amazing electrical storms the previous night, not seen anything like that since I was kid in South Africa.

Anyway Thursday (Day 5) I  had other work to do so couldn’t spend much time on this. Just basically tinkered theme and modified my ugly mug in the sidebar widget.

Friday (Day 6) pretty much cleared the afternoon to go through Kyle’s tutorials and add more content.

Going  through the training a second time was really helpful.

One example – Kyle was explaining how covering your site and its posts and pages with outbound affiliate links was a really bad idea as Google hates pushy affiliate sites.

Though I don’t think my content is pushy I felt I could easy fall foul of this by linking my journal notes to the training I was doing / done. As I would have outbound links on just about every journal post.

The solution…

I’ve created a Training page where I will list all the training.

So anyone who’s interested in understanding more about the specific training can visit my internal training page where they be met with a directory of all the training.

Yes, this page will be full of outbound links, but it will allow me to group all my training links in one place on the site, and I hope prove a much more helpful set up for visitors as well.

A similar example Kyle used was to funnel all his visitors who click to find out more about WA to his internal Review page rather than straight to the main Wealthy Affiliate sign up page.

By sending people to a review page first Kyle’s conversions also went up considerably 🙂

Initially I planed to add a Wealthy Affiliate review page, but changed my mind as I went through Kyle’s training. I think the training page is more helpful at this point in the sites development.

I also realise my content would benefit from some images to break up all the text.

I plan to batch my work for creating / finding images as well as video production.

So I’ll add these later.

I’ve got family stuff to do today so will continue to fill out the training page if I get the time.


Was to continue to tidy the site and write my Wealthy Affiliate review but I postponed that for creating the training page.


Tidied the about me in the sidebar.

Created and published the training page.

I also set up my YouTube Channel and corresponding Google Plus page.

I need to add profile details and images to both of these, and start creating some video’s probably late next week.

Time Taken

Spent about 1/2 hour Thursday.

Spent about 4 hours on Friday going through training and starting the Training page.

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