Why Some People Take Action

You need to know this so you can engineer your own success...

Develop your really POWERFUL WHY...

A DAILY RITUAL (my daily action plan) that takes you towards that why

And you'll soon have the MOMENTUM needed to breakthrough.

Tony's identified the problem is most people experience a self fulfilling spiral of failure because without certainty of getting a result we're never going to take massive action - right?

So we take a half hearted action get poor results which confirms our assumption that things won't work so we try again with even less vigor than first time and the downward spiral is started.

The challenge is how to develop certainty where none exists?

The answer?


Visualize the RESULTS you want constantly until you develop the certainty required to drive the massive action needed.

Visualization is a technique for overcoming our own self limiting beliefs. Another great training for another technique for breaking through our beliefs and conditioning is covered in this excellent training here >>>

And if you're an affiliate marketer would you like to start out boosted through the confidence of promoting an 'Ultimate' level program >>>

What do you think about mindset?

Overrated or really over 80% of the battle?

Should Frank go back to this hair style?

Please let me know in the comments below...



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