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Wealthy Affiliate SEO Ranking System

WA search engine ranking system

Wealthy Affiliate SEO Ranking System This post explains the Wealthy Affiliate SEO ranking system in step-by-step format with a couple ‘extras’.​As a premium Wealthy Affiliate member the training within the Online Entrepreneur Certification training maps out this process in a lot more detail.​This post reflects the slightly modified process Jay Neill teaches in his “21 Minute Ranking […]

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Picking a niche or ATTRACTING an audience?

Great advice from Ray Edwards on niche selection

Picking a niche or ATTRACTING an audience? Picking a niche is often a daunting task with much conflicting advice…​If niche selection is causing you issue watch the video below, I’m sure it will inspire and help :).​ ​Many top marketers suggest creating an avatar (written representation) of you’re perfect visitor / reader / customer.​Before you […]

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Vick’s Story – The Truth About Vick Strizheus

Vick Strizheus tells his story

VIDEO : Vick Strizheus Reveals All… The video below is packed with tips that would be affiliates should employ in their business…​But it’s not short.​Grab a drink, pen and paper, and learn from one of the most successful affiliate marketers on the planet. Click here to join Vick’s Four Percent Group for free​​Watch honest video […]

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Four Percent Group Scam or Legit?

Two opposing Four Percent Group Video Reviews... who do you believe

Four Percent GroupScam or Legit? This program makes a very bold claim promising to help people make money online…​It’s going to divide opinion and as example here are two what I believe are honest reviews of the product…​Starting with an honest and very negative review of The Four Percent Group… ​Four Percent Group SCAM Review […]

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3 WA Members Killing It With Amazon

3 Wealthy Affiliate Members Who Kill It With Amazon WA teaches a skill that can earn you a LOT of MONEY… yey 🙂​Boiled down a system for finding keywords that you can post content on that WILL attract visitors from search engines that can be monetized in many ways (Amazon affiliate commissions in this article)​This […]

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A Visual Perspective On Content Marketing

Wealthy Affiliate Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing done well is a very effective way to attract visitors and search engine rankings. If your an affiliate marketer more visitors equals more money. But how do you do content marketing correctly? The content marketing info-graphic below illustrates the tactics and benefits of savvy content marketing and syndication… – See more at: […]

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Day 33 -38 Calm Before The Storm

WAC Journal post - calm before the storm

Monday 18th August (Day 38) Been AWOL from updating the journal since last Wednesday. Main reason because I’ve had other projects to deal with (damn that real work!) Also have been slightly restructuring this site linking. Not much but wanted the main headings to reflect the WA success formula… Choose Interest > Build Website > […]

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