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The Perfect Make Money Online Avatar…

Meet Frank the perfect avatar for the make money market

The Perfect Make Money Online Avatar…Though I hate to admit it Frank is ME!Though I’m trying to kick the habits……it ain’t always easy 🙁The ‘Frank’ avatar is the work of genius copywriter Andre Chaperon.My journey is about turning from being a ‘Frank’……into somebody who serves his market with focus…strategy…and leverages proven ‘systems’.Want to know more […]

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Wealthy Affiliate Vs Four Percent Group

WA V Four Percent

Wealthy Affiliate Vs Four Percent Group Wealthy AffiliateFour Percent GroupSUMMARY   Wealthy Affiliate is designed for up to intermediate level online marketers. In it’s 11th year WA had refined it’s training …it works!It’s NOT EASY the people who succeed have the PASSION for their subject to enable them to consistently work on their business even when […]

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Results ARE Typical – Four Percent Update 7th July 2017

Four Percent Group Update July 2017

“Results ARE Typical” Four Percent Group update for July (17th) 2017:”Results ARE Typical” was the phrase Vick jokingly used in this webinar to highlight how he would like the Four Percent income disclaimer to read…Meaning this webinar shares the short and medium term objectives for the company, and Vicks dream to make every affiliate better…It’s […]

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Ex Member Of Four Percent Group Tells It Straight

Post with video explaining why I cancelled mu four percent membership

Ex Member Of Four Percent Group Tells It Straight… The invisible man leaves Four Percent Group…​Interesting story with some mistakes that can be avoided… Interesting yes?​Remember if you’re tempted to join Four Percent you don’t have to go paid / pro  until your ready.​You can earn as a free member..​You don’t have to buy any […]

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Joshua Earp interview with Vick Strizheus

Joshua Earp interview with Vick Strizheus for The Journey

Jushua Earp interviewed byVick Strizheus for ‘The Journey’ Josh Earp provides one of my favorite ‘Journey’ interviews…​Josh is an expert SEO (Search Engine Optimization) . Interesting but many experts say that SEO isn’t the smart place to market because it takes to long.​Josh does both paid and free SEO marketing his strategy is a MUST […]

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5 Reasons To Choose Four Percent Group

5 Reasons To Join 4 Percent Group To frame this post properly, I’m a affiliate and paid member of Four Percent Group.​This post articulates my reasoning for upgrading from free to paid member of Four Percent.​It’s probably also worth noting that I’m a ‘gut’ decision maker, which has mostly stood me in good stead. ​Finally I […]

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Vick Demonstrates A Signature Hook

Vick explains the thinking behind his latest signature hook

Vick Demonstrates Setting Up A Signature Hook… The signature hook is a marketing vehicle that has earned Vick Strizheus millions!​In the video below he shows us how he’s going to set one up to promote his own company (The Four Percent Group).​​The genius of this strategy is it takes you out of the super competitive […]

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Vick’s 3 Key Secrets To Success

Vicks Secrets to Success

Vick’s 3 Key Secrets To Success Vick Strizheus is a hell of a successful marketer, one most of us can learn a lot from…They say success leaves clues, and it does with Vick; though to be fair Vick does go out of his way to share his secrets… Success Secret #1In “Operation $100K” Vick suggests […]

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Four Percent Group Live Event 2017

Four Percent International Conference June 2017

Four Percent Group Live Event 2017″Trancsendence” The Four Percent Group Live event (June 19-21st Orlando Florida) is billed as heralding a game changing Entrepreneurs Membership ‘ecosystem’ that really hasn’t been seen before…​Obviously a group that calls itself the Four Percent Group (the top 4% of entrepreneurial achievers) has to have extreme ambition.​And so it is […]

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