How To Build
YOUR Own Online
Money Machine

Part 2 of 3

Financial Freedom Formula

1. Earn more than you spend.
a. Document your current exact living cost (burn rate)
b. Document your dream lifestyle living cost (burn rate) 

2. Create ONE solid income source that...
a. Provides FAST money
b. Residual (monthly recurring) income
c. Multiple streams of income from DIFFERENT companies
d. Scalable money (meaning you can build it over time)
e. Enjoyable money (if you don't enjoy it you won't do it)
f. Long term money (ideally lifetime)

Your solid income source NEEDS to earn you more than you can spend on your dream lifestyle so that you can invest in...

3. Asset Allocation (financial freedom)

Video 2...

Know Your Number

We need to know our dream lifestyle burn rate.

The monthly outlay to cover your ideal life.

The Google spreadsheet is available here >>>

Remember be very, very specific.

Once we've identified this number it's about creating milestone goals that take us to this number.

To help with this Vick created...
Wealth Building Blueprint >>>

The trap that most people fall into is to believe they can't do it. It's understandable but wrong...

This training will help you change perspective >>>

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