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Affiliate Marketing The Most Important Rule of The Game

You MUST know this rule of Affiliate Marketing to any chance of success

Affiliate Marketing The Most Important Rule of The Game… You MUST Know This To Succeed… Interesting video right? Affiliate Marketing is a proven legit business model. Uber, AirBnB, and all the comparison site businesses are all based on Affiliate Marketing. They don’t create the product, they simply connect people with a need to the source of that need […]

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The BIG Problem With Affiliate Marketing

Article on what affiliate marketing is and why 95% of people that try it fail

The BIG Problem With Affiliate Marketing And how to overcome it…​ Affiliate marketing is where ordinary people can sign up to a company’s partner (affiliate) program and earn commissions promoting their products. Amazon’s Associate Program is probably the biggest example. Anyone can join and promote just about anything Amazon sell and earn commission. Pretty sweet right? Consider the […]

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Michael Mansell -The Truth About Affiliate Marketing

The Truth AboutAffiliate Marketing Michael Mansell​ Michael Mansell is a top affiliate marketer… Because even though affiliate marketing is different to network marketing in that it’s not about building teams, Michael does build teams and help them… As you can see below Michael and Lauren are 1st or 2nd across the Leaderboard.It’s a shift in how affiliate […]

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How to Make Money Writing Product Reviews Online

discover 3 ways to earn money online through writing product reviews

How To Make Money Writing Product Reviews Online There are 3 easy, and fast (one within 7 days) ways of turning your written product reviews into money… ​ 1. ​Join a ‘writers for hire’ type of service. What they do is put writers together with webmasters and content publishers that need them (more on this latter). ​2. Create […]

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The Three Little Pigs Of Internet Marketing…

Image showing the 3 little pigs of internet marketing

The Three Little Pigs Of Internet Marketing… He knew he was going to show his friends a thing or two… ​ Or so the first little pig of Internet marketing thought. ​ The straw salesperson was so good as well… ​ Promising him the piggy home of his dreams, best of all it was easy no skills required, just a small […]

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Affiliate Marketing Doesn’t Work… I Quit!

turning affiliate failure into success

Affiliate Marketing Isn’t Working…I Quit! A truly sad state of affairs.​And avoidable. ​This post is for Wealthy Affiliate members who are TAKING ACTION but not getting the RESULTS they desire.​​Wealthy Affiliate provides a ‘PROVEN PLAN’ for helping people to make money online by building a website around a niche (tightly defined sub-market) and attracting visitors from search […]

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In It For The Long Haul… Choosing A Niche

niche market selection in it for the long haul

Affiliate Niche Selection II – In It For The Long Haul… In my previous affiliate niche selection post I covered what I consider to be the ‘basics’. In this post I wanted to try and better illustrate what I’m trying to achieve with this website and this part of the make money online niche…​ Previously I explained […]

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A Niche Website Isn’t Just For Christmas… Picking A Successful Affiliate Niche Market

Affiliate niche selection

​ Just like cute critters after the holidays niche websites get abandoned too. Though there are marketers who specialize in creating many small niche websites, I believe now the better advise for anyone starting out in affiliate marketing is to to pick a topic that can grow with you.​ If getting ranked in search engines and the resulting free traffic […]

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