How To Make Money Writing Product Reviews Online

There are 3 easy, and fast (one within 7 days) ways of turning your written product reviews into money...


1. ​Join a 'writers for hire' type of service. What they do is put writers together with webmasters and content publishers that need them (more on this latter).

2. Create your own website and publish your own product reviews yourself (most profitable in the long-term - my personal choice). You earn money by becoming an affiliate and earning a commission when somebody clicks a link in your review and purchases a product (more on this later).

CLICK HERE If you'd like to see a full project case study from product selection, through keyword research, to article examples and earnings...


3. Use a 'revenue' sharing website like (joined with, where you can publish your content and get paid a share of the profits. In my opinion this is the worst choice, but I'll go into more details later...​

​If you're considering writing for the web as a way to bolster your income, your in luck because what the Internet needs MOST is unique new content.

You simply need to decide which system for earning through writing will suit you best.​

What Level Of Writing Skill Do I Need?

Obviously the better writer you are the more you'll be able to charge.

But the Internet really does need writers, and so the entry level is very low, giving people the opportunity to earn money whilst they refine their skills.

Even if English is not your first language opportunity exists, as does writing in other languages.​

Why Writing Product Reviews?

Sure, you can earn money writing for all different purposes, but writing product and service reviews is probably the easiest style (no fancy techniques required) and because people just love reading reviews before buying... 

There's always money to be earned.

Plus there is a never ending source of new products and services to write about so saturation is not an issue.​

How Much Can I Earn Writing Product Reviews Online?

The fastest way to earn money writing online is to join one of the writers for hire services referred to at the start as #1.

​These services usually start writers off on a very low level of payment until they earn / prove their skills. For example pays $2.43 for a 500 word article.

Though this isn't much​ your paid more as your writing skills improve, and more as you increase the speed of your writing through practice.

Sticking with for an example once you progress to an 'Elite' level writer the 500 word article will now earn you $8.10

It's very possible to write 2 x 500 word articles per hour so for an elite writer you have a $16 per hour job.​

So writing content for the web is a very viable and achievable business, both part-time or full time.

This a fully mobile business that you can run from anywhere with an Internet connection, so it's no wonder why so many people are turning to this way of earning money. ​

So How Do I Find Online Services I Can Write For?

Personally I have no bias to which is the best service to write for.  I have researched more on which is why I use them more as examples.

My recommendation here is to look through this list and select ones which you like the look of and then do your own due diligence... ​

So without further ado...​

FOUR Writing Service Providers You Can Start Working For Today (International) pays through Paypal.​ (limited countries) pays through Paypal (limited countries) pays through Paypal​ (not specified) pays through Paypal.

All of the above pay weekly through Paypal provided your have earned over $10.​

Freelancer Sites Where You Can Sell Your Writing Services​​ now  (International) payed via invoice process less 10% fee. average $5 writing gig gets 1  x 500 word article

Revenue Share Sites Where You Can Get Paid For Your Writing  write articles get approved and earn a share of advertising earnings from your content.​  Click the url to go to the writing for Infobarrel page.

Two reasons I Don't recommend this route...

1. Your very badly paid (click through and read some of the forum posts).

2. These sites are out of your control, therefore so is your content and your potential earnings. A risk not worth taking in my opinion.​

How To Get Paid REPEATEDLY For Your Product Review Articles...

By now you've seen that website owners are willing to pay you for your written content.

Why do think that is?​

Because they PROFIT from your content?


​Here's how...

1. Decide upon a niche or market you'd enjoy writing about.​

2. Build your own website​ to host your content. (Including domain name and hosting will cost you less than $80 per year).

3. Add product review content about products with little written competition.

4. Monetize through Adsense or better yet Affiliate Marketing.

This model takes time to build (allow for 3 months before seeing income) but once your site is trusted by Google and the other search engines each review article you add has the potential to be worth many times the value you'd be paid if you sold it to somebody else.​

If you can't wait 3 months why not start earning income today with one of the writers for hire services AND build your own site in the background?

This way your you've got money coming in weekly plus your building a far more lucrative and 'passive' income stream for the future...​

Want to see a video case study of this whole process (about 20 minutes)... CLICK HERE...​



Testing what works online. Sharing the stuff that works and flagging the stuff the doesn't. Model the good stuff avoid the rest... If you have any questions I'm always happy to help :)

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