A Niche Website Isn’t Just For Christmas… Picking A Successful Affiliate Niche Market

Affiliate niche selection

Just like cute critters after the holidays niche websites get abandoned too.

Though there are marketers who specialize in creating many small niche websites, I believe now the better advise for anyone starting out in affiliate marketing is to to pick a topic that can grow with you.​

If getting ranked in search engines and the resulting free traffic is of interest this post is for you.

If your traffic strategy is paid traffic alone this isn't for you.

Why 'Big' Is Better (Website Wise)

Affiliate marketing success relies on traffic and conversion.

Traffic from search engines is the most targeted traffic available.

Free traffic from search engines is a beautiful thing.​

With search engines having so much content to choose from why are they going to place your content in one of the coveted top 10 (first page) ranking positions?​

They're NOT!


​They see your site / content as being top quality and worthy of their recommendation (first page placement is a serious recomendation).

​An authority site.

It is still possible to create 'authority' without having huge amounts of site content, but it's much harder to do now.​

And requires some pretty savvy niche / keyword research to find the 'low hanging fruit' opportunities.

Alternately you grind away creating lots of niche content until you slowly force your site into contention.

It's this content grind that does for many would be affiliates.​

Because without visitors your affiliate commissions are zilch.​

Your faith and motivation erodes, and for many the end is neigh​.

How To Get Traffic And Make Money With A Brand New Niche Affiliate Website

Rather than go broke and possibly insane trying to force your site into the search engine rankings why not consider bridging the gap with paid traffic?

Pay per click (PPC) traffic to be specific.

It's immediate, reliable and done properly... PROFITABLE.

​PPC doesn't have to be a high risk option.

The two biggest players will GIVE you traffic credits for promoting your website.

More than enough to fund a healthy profitable start.

This site for example is modestly profitable (see results) due to a large extent to PPC traffic.

What I've Learned About Choosing Your Niche

Ideally pick a subject your passionate about.

Failing passionate go interested.

 Your likely going to be spending a lot of time here so pick something that you like, or want to learn, or want to share your knowledge on.

Done right I think the business can be a lot of fun.

Consider your positioning, story or angle. These are terms that describe who you are and why you're talking about the topic.

As affiliates we are successful in proportion to the amount we can help people​.

I cannot claim any marketing expertise, and wouldn't feel authentic trying to overplay my skills and experience.

However I do feel the experience and knowledge I've picked up can be valuable to people.

So I ​ would describe myself as a student sharing what I'm learning.

I'd also go into a little more detail about my personal motivations, limitations, and challenges.

The training I've had has taught me not to try and please everyone.

Being honest, authentic, and specific is my aim​...

There are many ways you can position yourself to be successful as an affiliate... student, reviewer, teacher, researcher, curator, and plenty more.

Pick one where you feel you can talk honestly, as the authenticity seems to carry over to the audience far better than the often advised 'fake it till you make it'.​

I'd Like To Help You...

I believe everyone can have at least a modestly profitable affiliate business like mine.

Some may go on to have 6 and 7 figure monsters.

But let's not get ahead of ourselves just yet...​

Like many things in life getting off to a good start is priceless​.

In affiliate marketing I think it's even more important, as this business can quickly become overwhelming, and the waters are teaming with sharks. ​

I've put together and am refining free training designed to get you your first passive affiliate profit stream within 30 days​.

Profit is obviously nice, but I believe the confidence and realization of the potential this business offers is even more valuable...

If this is something that may interest you please click here to find out more...​

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Niche Selection For The Long Haul...



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