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This page is for affiliate marketers looking for  what I call Ultimate Affiliate Offers in the make money online / affiliate marketing niche.

These are transformational training programs that promise to...

Take people from A to B...

From PAIN to pleasure.

No money to money 🙂

Because they do 3 things...

1. The product or service WORKS (It's PROVEN to get a high percentage of people the SPECIFIC RESULTS they're looking for). # Happy Customers

2. It earns YOU the affiliate the 'potential' for LIFETIME AFFILIATE COMMISSIONS from MULTIPLE COMPANIES which builds you a robust not dependent on ONE income stream business that can grow over time to become your financial foundation to support whatever you want. # Happy Affiliates.

3. An Ultimate Affiliate Program does ALL the follow up marketing to your referrals for as long as they're interested in the topic. This powers your lifetime commissions AND frees you to do the ONE TASK needed for success. # Forever Follow Up # SUPER Affiliate... 

The ONLY task you have to do to make this work is find people looking for the specific result and show them where they can get it.

The 'ULTIMATE' Programs...

If you're looking to EARN as you LEARN from these programs I would highly suggest visiting all the links and giving all the tires a good kickin...

Your success will depend on you really 'resonating' with the mentors and their companies because the journey ahead will be challenging and require your trust in the person and the 'system'.


If you've already experienced affiliate success these programs represent the chance to up your game, share quality offers with your audience and add additional income streams.

PROVEN For Over 10 Years...

Wealthy Affiliate was the training program that helped me break through. 

It's a great, well established, affiliate training program that continues to evolve and provides it's members a fantastic learning experience ...WA Works.

Though WA doesn't provide it's affiliates the opportunity to earn multiple streams of income though the WA affiliate program it does do the follow up marketing to people you refer for as long as they remain members (free or paid).

If you're looking to EARN as you LEARN from WA the advice is join as a free member and test everything thoroughly - no risk.

For experienced affiliates WA provides a good affiliate program to promote, but the big draw is the community which is huge, extremely engaged and NOT hosted in a Facebook Group.

Personally, I also host my sites with WA as top quality WordPress hosting is included with premium membership.

Comparison between two of the top online training communities

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