Definition: Any product or service that lets people earn commission from referring people to it is an 'Affiliate Offer' in my book.

This can include physical products from Amazon all the way to specialist products offered by affiliate or product networks such as Clickbank, CJ (Commission Junction), JVZoo and the rest.

However these are NOT the products I look to promote...

Because they don't convert as well as offers that include access to a 'system' for promoting them.

I 'plug-into' affiliate 'systems' because I make more money for less effort.

This page is about sharing the systems I use...

Affiliate Systems: Also called Funnels. 

Basically a strategic sequence of information that educates people on a topic of interest (losing weight, making money etc).

Often these sequences are delivered across different platforms and over multiple days.

You've probably experienced these for yourself. 

They start my collecting your email address and then presenting you an offer often times via a webinar. They're will then be additional email follow up that will answer questions on the topic and proposed solution.

Done right they provide a good user experience with people that don't buy anything feeling that they've received value and those that do buy excited to get started with the product or service.

These systems or funnels convert very highly when shown to the right people.

Speaking as an affiliate these systems have changed the game for me, because to put it bluntly they do everything well that I SUCK at!

To make them work profitably all I have to do is send the right people to look at them.

The first four of the affiliate systems covered on this page are what I call 'companion offers'...

Meaning they can be promoted profitably themselves in their own right, but also can be used to promote any other product or service you wish...

Making them the perfect 'companion' to any business.

Lead Lightning

$7 one-time giving you the opportunity to earn $6 for every sale and build your list VIRALLY...

A great low cost business in a box. A perfect way to virally build your list, build a 'buyers list' and earn unlimited $6 commissions.

This service allows you to earn money, capture leads, AND send up to 30,000 emails per month to your prospects for a one-time $7!

The link below takes you to an email optin where by subscribing you'll see the full done for you aspect of the system which you can benefit from as well...

CLICK HERE to see Lead Lightning in action >>>

Power Lead System

PLS completes the optional upgrade path from the Free Lead System, via Lead Lightning too a complete suite of exceptional value marketing tools that any online business can use, lead capture, funnel builder, email autoresponder, and WordPress website platform for an amazing $30 /mo.

The company also offers exceptional training and a active community.

For those looking to make money as affiliates of this tool suite and training program their is also a PROVEN (paying out over 10 years) affiliate opportunity.

Many top marketers are using this platform and the 'done-for-you' funnels to earn full time income.

The link below takes you into one of the done for you funnels that affiliates can use.

CLICK HERE to test it for yourself.

Forever Wealth System

Built on the PLS platform by it's top affiliate FWS is a complete marketing 'system' that any affiliate can use to build their list and promote PLS profitably.

There is no additional cost for affiliates to use this system it's simply and alternative funnel to use if you want to.

This is the system used by the top affiliate!

This system builds multiple streams of income across 3 companies not just PLS.

So by promoting this ONE funnel you get three income streams..

The free affiliate training that's included in this system is MUST SEE and can be applied to any program you wish.

CLICK HERE to see for yourself.

Four Percent Group

Aimed at the most AMBITIOUS entrepreneur Four Percent is a membership portal.

There is a LOT of great FREE content here.

CLICK HERE and click the join tap in the top menu so you can explore for yourself. and no promotion.

The Four Percent Success Challenge is the gateway premium product, a high ticket training program that personally I love.

It's also a great program to promote as an affiliate (you have to own it and use it) because not only does it convert well, but it provides affiliates the opportunity to earn 'multiple streams of income' from the 3rd party tools and services the training suggests.

This system builds multiple streams of income better than any program I've tested.

CLICK HERE to check out the challenge.

Partner With Anthony

Anthony Morrison provides extensive training with a great affiliate opportunity built in.

This program also offers affiliates the chance to earn 'multiple streams of income'.

At only $7 to get started this is FANTASTIC VALUE

​CLICK HERE​ to watch the intro video

Wealthy Affiliate

Offering a great free membership option and a ZERO hype and BS culture WA is a great starting point for many people...

CLICK HERE for FREE Membership


Webtalk at the time of writing is an invite only social media platform aimed at business owners BUT without the BS associated with Facebook and Linkedin.

They value their users and will pay a share of ad revenue...

All social platforms are about generating ad revenues this one wants to share. Totally free to check out but pays affiliates for referring!

CLICK HERE to see a smart done for you system to promote Webtalk


If you're new to affiliate marketing just pick ONE of the above systems. ONE where the message resonates with you and any cost is affordable.

The Free Lead System, Lead Lightning, and PLS Product Suite are ideal because they offer affordable options, traffic training, and will work perfectly with any other business you may want to promote (now or later)

Partner With Anthony is also a great option for people on a budget.

If you're looking for an excellent broad (covers everything about online marketing) training program you should check out Wealthy Affiliate.

So pick ONE program and focus on it until you make it.

If you've some affiliate experience but never achieved what you want​​ I would suggest Power Lead System, Forever Wealthy System, Partner With Anthony and The Four Percent Success Challenge...

Again pick ONE and focus on it until you make it.

If you're already a profitable affiliate marketer you'll know you can profit from ALL of these but I would suggest looking at The Four Percent Success Challenge because of it's quality and ability to build multiple streams of income.

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