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Testing A New Angle

Testing A NEW AngleFour Percent Challenge Case Study As a student of Vick Strizheus Four Percent Success Challenge I’m keen to test out what I’m learning so you can PROFIT too. Vick has much advice for affiliates but one of the pillars of his methodology, is to always BUILD YOURSELF before promoting anything. This means you can […]

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Custom Category Pages

Wordpress Category Pages have great search engine power if used correctly

CUSTOMCategory Pages For SEO POWER This is a test I’ve wanted to make for a while Credit where due… I got this idea from a guy named Jay aka ‘the lazy ass stoner’ (his online brand name). Jay said that WordPress custom category pages have great SEO power if used properly. Jay’s point was to create a really good article […]

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Instaniche Case Study Update

Instaniche case study follow up see the site example Jennifer built using Instaniche

Instaniche Case Study Update…  If you saw Jennifers original review / case study of Instaniche you may be interested to see how the site looks now… ​ Well you’re in luck. ​Buckle your seat-belts and enjoy, as Jenifer (Pot pie girl) shows you what she’s done…1 Want to find out more about Instaniche click here… ​If you’ve had experience with Instaniche […]

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Instaniche Case Study Review… Pot Pie Girl Exposes All

Instaniche case study review from Pot Pie Girl

Instaniche Case Study ReviewPot Pie Girl Exposes All…  Jennifer aka Pot Pie Girl is a long term Internet Marketer and premium member of Wealthy Affiliate. ​ An honest voice. ​ Anyway Instaniche is the latest hot thing at JVzoo. ​ A $100,000.00 plus launch with so far a staggeringly low refund rate. ​ This product sounds like pure hype on face value. ​ So what’s the […]

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