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Starting On A Budget

Proving you can start a real
business on a small Budget

The problem for a lot of would be affiliate marketers is the cost of all the tools and services needed to run a real business online...

You've got hosting, domain name, lead capture or funnel building services, email services and tracking software usually as a minimum!

You could be talking $150 with a chunk of it monthly recurring!

Nothing compared to setting up a offline business but quite a bit if you've been told affiliate marketing is the ideal low risk business model for beginners (which I believe it is btw)

So I'm hoping I can demonstrate a low cost PROFITABLE setup you could copy...

Low Cost Affiliate 'Funnel' Alternative

With this setup I'm going to use a quality free website service to postpone the need to buy hosting, domain name and lead capture services.

I will be recommending using an email service provider to build our list of prospects but we're talking about $15/mo.

So with the cost of the Partner With Anthony program at $7/mo we've got $22/mo.

I'm also going to avoid the tracking software for the time being as the free tracking with the PWA program is really good anyway.

So here's my first test of a free funnel alternative (link goes here)

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Simplicity is always better...

  1. Pick a PROVEN Method for making money online
  2. Choose a mentor to follow - somebody who will answer your questions
  3. Do what they tell you UNTIL YOU MAKE IT

Never ever give up.

Never ever be scared to ask for help when you need it, that's what a mentors for.

It really is this simple, don't make it more complicated.

Most people fail because they either get distracted by all the make money 'noise' or they simply give up too soon.

Consistent action taken when following a proven method WILL NOT fail you!

1. Finding YOUR (Ideal)
Way To Earn Money Online

Update 2020: There are many proven strategies for making money online (affiliate marketing, selling your own services, video marketing, selling advertising, physical products, and the list can go on and on...)

I've had moderate success with all of them...

To no avail

Because I didn't know what I truly wanted?

Selling your own services online is a great way to earn money, but it turned out I didn't want the hassle of dealing with clients, invoicing, chasing payments, working to deadlines get the drift?

So may I suggest taking as much time as needed to get crystal clear about what you really want...

Personally, I came to realize I wanted a legit, scalable, 'side-hustle' that I can grow over time to supplement our retirement funds.

I don't want to become a content creation machine, or social media performer.

I like leverage, automation and promoting stuff that helps people like me...

I mention all this because what follows is what has helped me and if you agreed with any of the stuff above may help you too.

So my ideal business plan is affiliate marketing, because it's legit, proven, scalable and can be largely automated...

It's a low risk option with great potential if you find the right mentor...



Testing what works online. Sharing the stuff that works and flagging the stuff the doesn't. Model the good stuff avoid the rest...

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