Wealthy Affiliate SEO 
Ranking System

This post explains the Wealthy Affiliate SEO ranking system in step-by-step format with a couple 'extras'.

As a premium Wealthy Affiliate member the training within the Online Entrepreneur Certification training maps out this process in a lot more detail.

This post reflects the slightly modified process Jay Neill teaches in his "21 Minute Ranking Method"

Wealthy Affiliate SEO ranking system explained

If you click the image above you'll be able to go and watch the webinar and how Jay ranks his post on Googles first page in under 20 minutes!

Would you like to know how to do this?​

WA Search Engine Ranking System - Insights

Before we start I wanted to point out a few facts about ranking content in the Google search engine as Jay's video makes it look almost too easy.

The process Jay follows is easy, but there are many factors that affect how your content may rank. ​

Jay is publishing his content onto his website which has the advantage of being on an old domain that Google knows and trusts. If you're publishing to a new domain you'll need to establish trust with Google before you'll see you're content rank quickly.

This period is referred to as the  Google 'sandbox' and is negotiated by consistently publishing content through this 5-6 month time zone.

Other factors that effect how your site ranks are keyword research (are you going after 'winable' keywords), quality, and quantity of content as well as evidence of engagement with your visitors.

Jay's key message for everyone building a website and ranking the content is...


WA SEO Ranking System

In the video Jay has written an article in his preferred word processor and so the step-by-step process covers creating the post in WordPress as follows...

Jay copies post into the WordPress editor and saves the post as a draft and then starts his 7 step ranking process.​

Step 1 - The meta title tag​ - Add your title (see video below)

Step 2 - The meta description tag - Add your description tag (see video below)

Step 3 - Make sure your chosen keyword is present in the content (at least once but never more than 3%)

Step 4 - Make sure your post has an image with the alt tag containing the keyword (see video below).

Step 5 - Make sure your post has a internal link pointing out to another relevant post.

Step 6 - ​Add an external link pointing out to a relevant site.

Step 7 - Optionally embed a relevant video (see video below).​

UPDATE Aug 2017: An additional step if you're trying to rank a review post...

Step 8 (review posts) ​- Add your review information and star ratings using the free plugin WP Product Review Lite.

...and now for the secret source...

Jay's Secret Ranking Sauce...

Step 8 - Post you newly published WordPress post onto Google Plus using your title and meta data description in the post.

Step 9 - 'Fetch Post As Google'. This is Jay's super tip. This requires the free Google Webmasters tool (see video below). Note: there is now an alternative that uses Google submit url to achieve the same outcome. 

Step 9 Alternative to using 'Fetch as Google'. Use submit url https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/submit-url

Step 10 - Jay then resubmits the website sitemap again using webmaster tools - this is optional.

Step 11 - ​Ask for comments in your content and if you're a member of WA ask for comments within the community as visitor engagement is very helpful for SEO.

Wealthy Affiliate SEO Process In Action

So I've built tried this over three posts  ...and it works!

I haven't also followed every step. I haven't resubmitted my sitemap to Google ​or asked for WA comments (I just wanted to test the simplest process).

Let me share what I've tried so far.

I've recently been researching Visk Strizheus and his Four Percent Membership​, and have written a couple of posts on the subject.

Vick, is a very successful marketer (understatement) ​who puts his success down to using a strategy he call his 'signature hook' also known as value led marketing.

So I wrote a post about Vicks signature hook and posted about the post on Google Plus...​

My keyword focused Google Plus post ranking in 4 minutes!

So as you can see the Google Plus post ranks in 4 minutes  ...pretty cool :).

What happens next day?

Searched signature hook in a Chrome incognito window so that ​I'd get unbiased search results and...


my post is nowhere 🙁

What went wrong?

Turns out signature hook is a team Google associates with ear rings, music and fishing!

But if I add another keyword to the search to identify to Google I'm interested in ​marketing and...

signature hook marketing now ranks in Google

I'm back!

Tested this out by adding all sorts of extra keywords (Vick, percent, four, affiliate etc).

Have to test this out on a more difficult keyword term...​

Stay tuned.​

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