"3 Day Breakthrough"
Soon To Be Released Free Training From Vick Strizheus

If you've followed any of Vicks previous training you'll know Vick is launching his new signature hook...    "3 Day Breakthrough".

If you've no idea what a signature hook is visit this post...

​So the big news is that the 3 Day Breakthrough Funnel is going to be released on Monday 5th June to all Four Percent Conference ticket holders.

More information is going to be released by email over the coming days​.

The idea with this funnel is to only capture details from people who are seriously interested in this training. Meaning this isn't going to be the usual 'squeeze' page where people have to give their email in order to find out more.

I'll add a full review here as I find out but for now here's the logo 🙂

3 Day Breakthrough Funnel logo

Want to find out more about the Four Percent Group read more here



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