Wealthy Affiliate Challenge 2.0

A Better Challenge...

Hi my name is Richard Penfold, and this site is about my faltering experiences with Affiliate Marketing

And my sporadic attempts to journal those experiences so that they may prove helpful to others.

Richard Penfold taking the Wealthy Affiliate Challenge

The last year has exposed quite a few problems of my own making...

Getting my ad accounts canned by Adwords and Facebook is easily done, but getting canned by Bing is just plain stupid!

The effect of losing my advertising ability turned out not so bad...

About 20% drop in monthly profits.

Having built my 'business' around recurring commission products and services was one of my smarter moves.

Though to call what I had built a 'business' is stretching it.

Basically I'd got lucky promoting a few really good products that did all the work for me.

I needed a rethink.

I stopped working on my business, read a few books, and looked for somebody to copy model.

To cut a long story short here is the outcome from my period of self analysis...

"I Challenge Myself To Learn And Journal

The Strategies and Actions I take For Me

To Earn A Minimum Of $10,000 / month PROFIT

From Affiliate Direct Response Marketing In The Make Money Online Market

Such That Others Can Copy And Profit Themselves"

The above is my mission statement.

I MUST live it!

I MUST raise my standards.

I MUST grow to become a person deserving of $10,000 a month and beyond...

Direct Response Marketing is the style of marketing used by people such as Russell Brunson, Frank Kern, Andre Chaperon, Todd Brown, Vick Strizheus to name just a few. 

It's designed to enable the isolation and measurement (and therefore improvement) of all the key marketing elements in a campaign.

It's the style of marketing that resonates most with me.

And no, I don't possess many of the skills yet!

But I don't need them to start with...

I can leverage other peoples...

But to achieve my goal I'll will need to develop two key skills of my own...


And to FOCUS my 'working' time on building or purchasing ASSETS for my business...

 MY EMAIL LIST and SYSTEMS (that automate and leverage)


GROWING MYSELF (through implementing what I learn)

Enough theory.

Let's get stuck in...

My intention when promoting a product is to:-

  1. Help people by promoting what works
  2. Build my email list (main asset)
  3. At worst break even within 30 days of campaign launch
  4. Build ongoing streams of income

I've left my original Challenge page below as a reference point for where I came from.

Can I learn to make money online following the WA training

The goal is to learn affiliate marketing the Wealthy Affiliate way and to document and demonstrate that through this website.

Financially to earn over $1,000 per month profit from the WA affiliate program alone (other revenue does not count toward this goal).

The only change I've made to my original rules is that I do use paid traffic sources as well as search engine optimization. I like the speed of using paid traffic (specifically Bing PPC).

I've recorded my results here (infrequently I'm afraid) and journaled thoughts and discoveries here...

Update Oct 2016: I had rather gone AWOL from this site and challenge and want to reinvigorate my efforts.

I plan to do this by setting myself short term action goals (which I have full control over) which take me towards my goal.

Very much Tony Robbins  "The Ultimate Success Formula"​.

(Set 11th Oct 2016)

1. List Building. Build my list to 5000 subscribers (293 11th Oct 16)

2. Help my subscribers more (not sure how to measure this but I wanted it listed)

3. Test and implement a new list building idea (will document as progress)

4. Write product reviews for 3 additional products that I like and use.

5. Journal my actions, process, and results consistently within a period I can live with (less than 2 years - probably bi-weekly).

I have left my original challenge idea's below...

Original challenge (Aug 2014): The site is going to journal my efforts to take a new site from zero to making $1,000 per month in as long as it takes…

Hopefully 90 days, but we’ll see. (update Nov 2014 – 90 days? yeah right. Links to my results and journal entries can be found at the bottom of this page… here)

The objectives apart from the extra cash, are to…

  • Push myself a little out of my comfort zone
  • Improve my productivity
  • Follow the Wealthy Affiliate Training
  • Develop a repeatable content marketing system that plays to my strengths
  • Learn some new stuff
  • Have fun
  • And hopefully provide a resource that can help others to replicate the successful elements and avoid the mistakes

I want to journal both my goals and actions, noting what I do how long it takes and what works and what doesn’t.

I plan to record good and bad.

Update 28th July

I’ve added a video below as an intro to my challenge as I have now created aWealthy Affiliate Challenge YouTube Channel which I plan to use to further promote the site.

WA Challenge Intro…

I’ve no doubt that the site can make in advance of $1k per month but I have no idea how long it’ll take to get there.

We’ll see…

There’s really only one rule. No paid traffic.

All traffic and visitors to come from my efforts in generating and syndicating content.

Revenue is to come from affiliate commissions earned by referring people to Wealthy Affiliate.

I chose WA because I feel it represents the best value, least hype, training and services the Internet has to offer (more on WA later).

For the record I started on Saturday July 12th.

Challenge Goals

1. Amount of money I’d be happy with the site earning $1k month.

2. As above but ecstatic… $5k month.

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