Vick explains the thinking behind his latest signature hook

Vick Demonstrates A Signature Hook

Vick Demonstrates Setting Up A Signature Hook…

UPDATE: This training was filmed in 2017 – It’s still some of the best I’ve seen. Ignore the options to buy anything, just learn from how Vick builds his business – This stuff WORKS!

You can still check out Four Percent as a free member by clicking the button below …see what Four Percent looks like today.

The signature hook is a marketing vehicle that has earned Vick Strizheus millions!

In the video below he shows us how he’s going to set one up to promote his own company (The Four Percent Group).

The genius of this strategy is it takes you out of the super competitive (read not very profitable) affiliate craziness when promoting a high demand product).

What is a signature hook?

A signature hook is a marketing tactic that enables you be unique in a competitive marketplace.

It enables the user to position themselves, attract interested parties, and subsequently market from a position of strength, rather than just flat out competing.

In the video above Vick explains his thinking behind the hook he is currently creating to promote his own Four Percent Group Membership. 

The hook or pre-frame wrapper is going to be a stand alone evergreen training program that will have nothing to do with the Four Percent Group.

To create a signature hook Vick explains you need the following elements…

1. A captivating headline that hooks the readers interest.

2. A very specific target market.

3. An understanding of a BIG problem that effects that market.

4. A solution for the problem or put another way the core outcome that solving the problem would deliver.

In the example Vick feels the big problem is people are not getting any level of success soon enough to motivate them to stick with learning the skills.

They need a breakthrough!

But how to get a breakthrough when you’re probably new to this, overwhelmed with advice, short on funds, and have little faith in your own ability to break through…

“3 Day Breakthrough” is born (possibly?)

It’s strongly implied by Vick in the video that he’s decided upon this name for his latest pre-framing piece.


2 responses to “Vick Demonstrates A Signature Hook”

  1. Great thinking process value driven and designed to build a solid distribution network within your business.

    thanks for sharing

    ~Maria Eves

    1. Thank Maria.

      Leading with value is not new, but is not as easy as leading with hype and hope (which isn’t going to last long in today’s ‘social’ environment).

      There’s a lot of talk out there about how to create unique value led promotions which I must admit have got me hooked (I really want to learn and IMPLEMENT this stuff especially as an affiliate where it’s so hard to be unique).

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