Vick's 3 Key Secrets To Success

Update: This training was filmed in 2017 - It's advanced and it WORKS.

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y secrets to success

Vick Strizheus is a hell of a successful marketer, one most of us can learn a lot from...

They say success leaves clues, and it does with Vick; though to be fair Vick does go out of his way to share his secrets...

Success Secret #1

In "Operation $100K" Vick suggests that we all listen to Earl Nightingales "The Strangest Secret" on a very regular basis. Vick lives by the principals contained within this 30 minute recording.

No "Four Hour Work Week". Vick works his butt off.

As Earl Nightingale suggests the secret to massive success is take action as if failure where impossible... Do you think Vick does this?

Vick's first key secret is his success mindset: I can't imagine anything stopping him reaching his goal... inspiring.

Success Secret #2

Earl Nightingale (yes again) points out that man's failure is most often caused by habit to conform    ...follow the follower.

When Vick started out he wasn't successful at all. He was competing with all the other affiliates. Success didn't come to Vick until he created a different way, a way that enabled him to stand out from the crowd.

Today Vick refers to this strategy as creating a 'signature hook'

This is pure gold if you can do it. The idea being as an affiliate for product 'A' you identify the big result that the product A promises.

The biggest problem that stops people reaching the result. 

A way to solve this problem.

Your unique signature hook is then created...

1. Create a headline that sells the result by overcoming the biggest problem. 

How to lose 10lb in 10 days without going to the gym so you look stunning on your big day... (obviously needs work but you get the idea).

2. Create a brief intro that positions you as a helpful guide to getting the result

3. Create a message that builds and amplifies the problem. Be able to describe the problem better than your prospect can.

4. Create training that provides a solution to the biggest problem.

5. After giving great value offer your prospect a link to where they can get even more help and information about the result they desire (your affiliate link). 

Vick wants to teach all his Four Percenters how to create their own signature hooks so that they become self sufficient.

Vick's second key secret is his create not compete: Vick looks to create unique solutions for his marketplace rather than compete with others.

Success Secret #3

Secrets 1 & 2 have made Vick a millionaire, but secret 3 takes it to another level...

Introducing the 'Pyramid of Desire' (not an Egyptian den of iniquity)

The base level of lowest value is to teach people a solution.

Mid level is show them how to do it.

Highest level - do it for them.

Pretty straight forward right?

When Vick saw the power of his signature hook strategy he realised it would be to difficult for most people to create and implement, so Vick created a way for others to plug into his proven systems...

This enabled others to replicate Vicks results - BINGO!

Vick's third key secret for success is to share his winning systems (for a fee obviously).

Bonus Wisdom...

Never ever rely on one of anything...

Advertising Network

Social Platform

Affiliate program   ...etc

Learn and master one thing at a time but always have a fall back.

Business opportunities are not a long-term vehicle.

I'm presuming Vick doesn't mean franchise type models but Multi Level (MLM's). Interesting as Vick has had tremendous success with MLM's.

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