Four Percent Group

 Your PATHWAY To Success?

Four Percent Group is the brainchild of Vick Strizheus.

Vick is passionate about helping people to build REAL success online through following ageless PROVEN principals combined with Vicks ability to simplify complex subjects and turn them into both training that actually works and SYSTEMS people at any level can benefit from.

The Pareto principle states that for many outcomes, roughly 80% of consequences come from 20% of causes. Meaning 20% of success will come from only 20% of people, and of those 'successful' 20% there is a top 20% - which equates to Four Percent of everybody.

Vick is building a community of Four Percenters...

Want to see how I get on implementing Vicks stuff?
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As a mentor Vick continues to evolve Four Percent to better serve it's community.

The idea is that to increase peoples chances of success they need to be shown a PROVEN pathway. But training is not enough, people need to see documented case studies, that DEMONSTRATE what needs to be done, but also explains why it needs to be done - the thinking behind each action.

Still not enough!

There must also be a layer of two-way interaction (mastermind group) so that everybody can gain the help and individual support they need to stay on the pathway.

With this in Mind Vick has transformed Four Percent into a seamless Group of companies that address these needs...

So How Does Four Percents PATHWAY
Create Successful Entrepreneurs?

By leaving no stone unturned would be a short answer. The longer answer is by providing a logical path for people to follow, and that allows people at different stages in their journeys to join at the appropriate place. - is the main training and community 'hub'. It is organised into 4 levels with the idea being people can ascend to the level they merit (in terms of proven results).

Four Percent Basic Membership is free for life, and provides a number of top quality training courses, with "7 Steps to Freedom" being the mandatory first step on the path. Even if you're already successful this training is required because it's so insightful. The perfect FOUNDATION for success.

Four Percent Basic Membership start page
& Steps to Freedom is a training program  freely available to all Four Percent Basic Members

Four Percent Silver Membership is just about to be released with pricing expected to be around the $97 - $197 mark, and to provide an affordable second step.

Four Percent Gold Level Membership is the recommended level costing between $297 /mo (10 payments max) or $997 and $1997 for lifetime membership depending on the 'configuration' you prefer. At Gold level you get lifetime access to ALL Four Percent AND free access to ESTAGE (think website, blog, funnel builder and social platform in one elegant solution) for various time frames (the configuration I mentioned).

You also get free access to ChickyBoom Network offers and the done for you marketing funnels.

These done for you marketing funnels are what Vick is famous for because they allow members to import them into their own unique branded ESTAGE hub under their own domain. This is important if you want to work with large advertising networks like Google and Facebook.

So at Gold level you have training and the technology needed for success. I would also advise budgeting for an email service such as GetResponse or Active Campaign because list building is an important part of the process.

Going back to the pathway to success analogy, you are now set for success, you have completed the "7 Steps to Freedom" training so have insight into where you are going and how you're going to get there. The next training you'll access (free for Gold Level Members) is Affiliate Marketing Academy.

Affiliate Marketing Acedamy is your second step on the path to success

At this point your business is either going to be promoting your thing, or if you don't yet have a clearly defined idea you're advised to partner (as an affiliate) with proven companies in thriving markets.

Whichever option suits you Affiliate Marketing Academy is going to train you how. But not just train you step by step...

How to build a wildly successful affiliate business that makes over $5000 in sales with 30 days

Affiliate Marketing Academy is split into 3 training areas covering 2 stages of success. Business set up and implementation to a target of $5,000 per month, followed by how to scale to $100,000 .

The Success Challenge For Affiliate Marketing is Vick training and demonstrating by building out a new brand ( to over $1 Million in affiliate earnings. This is great training because you see what Vick does, but he also explains why he does it, which I find invaluable.

Vick is developing the Brand Hub AskVick to demonstrate what he teaches in the Affiliate Marketing Success Challenge within Affiliate Marketing Academy

AMA Mastermind is where Vick interact in a live Zoom environment. These usually take the form of Q&A sessions as well as working live with willing members to improve their businesses. Again this is really helpful.

Affiliate Marketing Academy is split into 3 areas and 2 stages...

Along the pathway Vick is going to be building his AskVick brand and hub using ESTAGE to demonstrate how to combine Marketing Funnels, Website, Blog and Membership / Subscriber function to build a Million dollar business. 

He'll share his criteria for picking winning affiliate offers, and if appropriate will integrate the best ones into Four Percents ChickyBoom private network. Gold Level Members also get access to ChickyBoom offers and can import the done for you marketing funnels into their own ESTAGE accounts under their own unique domains.

This raises a few questions...

1. Do you have do be a Four Percent VIP Partner to use the done for you funnels? No Gold Level Members non VIP Partners can promote any of the non Four Percent offers.

2. Do you have to use ESTAGE? If you had the tech skills you could replicate the marketing funnels, but as a Gold Level Member you get ESTAGE free for 12 months, so I would suggest simply importing them.

3. How can I evaluate all this for free? I would suggest joining Four Percent as a Basic Member and then checking out the free Wealth Autopilot Academy which is a full training program for people that want to promote 7K Metals (a Chicky Boom offer). This will show you level of professionalism available, and help you make an informed decision.

Wealth Autopilot Academy is a free training program associatesd with a Chicky Boom Funnel promoting 7K Metals

ChickyBoom Network - A private network of approved companies and services that Vick suggests people can 'collaborate' with. These are companies that Vick personally vets and brings to community members as optional to use in their businesses and / or to become affiliate partners with.

Vick is also creating done for you marketing funnels for these companies that Four Percent Gold level members can impost and use on their own ESTAGE domains.

Four Percent Basic Members can access Chicky Boom and evaluate it.

Chciky Boom Access from Four Percent Dashboard Member Benefits Tag
Chick Boom Dashboard watch Vick Intro Vid first

ESTAGE is Vicks technology platform, which he is developing to meet his own exacting needs. Ultimately this will be a platform that includes website, funnel building, membership, and social community functionality that currently is not available under any one technology.

Ask Vick - Is the new 'brand' company Vick is building out from scratch to demonstrate his training in a real world environment.

When you combine the best training, real world examples, a supporting mastermind, enabling technology, and done for you marketing you start to discover...

How To See If Four Percent Is For YOU...

Vicks business model and training philosophy is based around delivering value before asking for anything in return. Allowing people to progress at their own pace without any excess hype or fake scarcity to try and strong arm people into ascending into premium services.

Meaning if you want to check things out before parting with any cash (you should btw) I advise joining free as a Basic Four Percent Member.

Complete "7 Steps to Freedom" you'll find this valuable no matter what direction you choose to take..

There is unrestricted access to the Four Percent back office and community content which includes many of the community live Zoom meetings an access to the recordings. As shown from the screenshot below...

Four Percent Basic Members still get access to many of the Four Percent live events and the recordings

These often share extremely valuable training content, and give a fantastic free insight into how to run a successful online community based business.

There are currently two additional training courses freely available to Four Percent Basic Members which are also worth checking out.

"Mass Traffic Blueprint" which shares Vicks unique traffic formula - You'll not have seen it's like.

"Wealth Autopilot Academy" which is a full training program for people interested in promoting one of the unique ChickyBoom Network offers. Again you have to see for yourself the level Vick goes to in order to help his members.

Mass Traffic Blueprint and Wealth Autopilot Academy are both free to Basic Members

Four Percent VIP Partner Program
(Affiliate Program)

If you're learning from Vick why not earn as well?

Four Percent VIP Partner Program is not free, it's an OPTIONAL licence program which at the time of writing is charged at $997 per annual licence or $1497 lifetime, for the rights to earn a commission across ALL premium Four Percent Membership levels.

Benefits of the program include:-

Feature list for VIP promotional partners

But Does It Work?

For me, it has in two ways.

The training works and can be used for any company, product, or service you want to promote. The second way is as VIP Partner.

I do affiliate marketing is a very part time side hustle, using what Vick teaches. Mostly using Pay Per Click Advertising sent into my 'Hub' websites which share what's working for me. Simple idea - right?

Here are the highlights I've seen.

A high front end average affiliate commission - I personally measure it by average value by free membership referral which for me is currently running at $49 per free member. This is profitable PROVIDED I send targeted traffic - people interested in Affiliate Marketing.

Four Percent Group Earnings May 26 22

And those multiple streams of income aren't bad either...

Multiple Streams of Income example

As a side hustler Four Percent is my favorite program to promote because it offers a GREAT free level membership which people love and get great value from.

The company does such a great job in nurturing it's relationship with people that naturally many people ascend to premium levels. Requiring no extra work from me.


Join fro free and kick those tires 🙂