Four Percent Challenge
Is the 'New' Four Percent Worth The Wait?

The back end of 2017 saw Four Percent Group go through quite a change.

In my opinion changes for the better.

Four Percent is now streamlined and focused again. Focused on what Vick does best ...teaching and inspiring others to better their own performance. Gone are all the distracting sideshow products that diluted Vicks effectiveness to simply be replaced by 3 core offerings...


This combination of the original Four Percent 7 Steps training with the extremely well received but never finished $100k challenge. The $100k challenge was flawed by being reliant on outside products that Vick had no control over ...but not any more.

The Four Percent Challenge is both training and live over the should step-by-step case study on how somebody can go from zero to earning $10,000 consistently (Phase 1) then how to 10x their performance to earn $100,000 (Phase 1) and finally how to 10x again to break the million (phase 3).

Vick explains that success is 80% mindset and  that though people have gone on to EARN millions there is a huge shift between the moderately successful and the super successful mind.

Our awareness and understanding of how this can be copied is CRITICAL. 

For me this is the best training of it's sort I've experienced and with a get started for $1 offer available it gives people the chance to test it for themselves. If they then wish to continue it's $49 per month or $495 lifetime.

2. Internet Traffic Mastery

Though you'll get enough traffic training from the Four Percent Challenge to get to your $10,000 phase 1 goal you'll need to master traffic generation to hit your ultimate heights  ...hence Internet Traffic Mastery.

Personally I don't own ITM yet so cannot comment to it's quality.


Estage is a WordPress based website ...your home on the Internet. Though I agree 100% percent with Vick that all business owners should have their own website I haven't seen enough from eStage yet to recommend it above any other WordPress based solution.


Everything Beyond this point is my old Four Percent Review.

Let as a record, but please be aware that the information is now outdated.


2. Internet Traffic Mastery

The Four Percent Group Review
What is it and does it work?

Four Percent Group Review Summary

"Four Percent Group is the most ambitious entrepreneur focused concept I've ever seen"

 Will it work?          ...I hope so but only time will tell for sure (it's off to a good start though)

The review below with Q&A in the comments will add more detail if you'd like to invest the time.

In a hurry? Grab your FREE MEMBERSHIP the training and ideas you'll glean from this will far outweigh your time invested. 

Considering going paid?  Four Percent is not yet 2 years old and therefore unproven over time... are the cost advantages of early adoption worth the risk?   ...You'll need to decide that for yourself - Click here to grab your free membership there are no time restrictions or credit cards required...

Four Percent Vision

Filmed straight after the 2017 Four Percent Conference I think the video below sums up what Vick wants for Four Percent members...

Think iTunes for entrepreneurs... offering a marketplace of top quality digital training (finance, health, relationships, marketing, personal growth, attitude) and top end branded physical products...

For affiliates of Four Percent you'll get lifetime cookies on people you introduce as well as training and 'done for you' sales funnels​ to promote.

The Four Percent Group Review

Sounds too good to be true
...Is Four Percent Group A Scam?

  • Four Percent offers a 100% Free Membership level
  • As a free member you can also promote and earn affiliate commissions - You don't have access to all the sales funnels and all the products but it's enough to get started on a budget
  • You do not have to buy any of the recommended tools or programs if you don't want to or already have access to similar.
  • If you do go paid the Four Percent Membership is run through Clickbank so you have a full 60 day money back guarantee.
  • Therefore free membership and money back guarantee on paid membership meaning you can get your money back within 60 days

Does that sound like a scam to you?

Four Percent is absolutely NOT a scam. 

But nor is it proven over the long-term.

About The Four Percent Group​

Four percent Group home page

Four Percent Group Homepage

The Four Percent Group is in 'Beta' release, with the official launch planned for August 2017.

The company is therefore very much a baby in terms of age and track record.

​It offers free and two levels of paid membership pro and masters level (more on these later).

Personally I've bought Lifetime membership, so please note my positive bias (I'm trying to be as subjective as possible).​

​So why Four Percent membership?

  • ​Done for you systems provide the lions share of my online earnings, this potentially could be the best.
  • I really do believe this system will help people like me. People that don't have the resources to build out and test complex marketing funnels. I only need to promote Vick's funnels to start with.
  • Four Percent offers a 100% free membership level where free members can earn affiliate commissions.
  • Vick's previous free training was always good, this in my opinion is better.
  • The business model is based on promoting multiple proven and in demand products.
  • Not interested in a market or product that Four Percent offers in their portfolio? problem simply don't promote it.
  • I hope this proves to be a great high integrity membership to promote (again note that though off to a good start it remains unproven over the long haul).

I love Vick's vision for the Four Percent Group, whether he can deliver only time will tell, but I'm happy buying my ticket and hopping on for the ride!

Done For You Sales Funnels and Campaigns

The Four Percent  DONE FOR You Funnels and Campaigns (clicking the images will take you to the funnel / campaign) 

Four Percent TV

Four Percent TV

Four Percent done for you funnel Money This Week

Money This Week Funnel

7 Steps To Success Funnel

7 Steps To Success Funnel

Sell Withour Selling done for you sales funnel

Sell WITHOUT Selling Funnel

3 Day Breakthrough Funnel

3 Day Breakthrough funnel

Vick Strizheus Show Me The Money Funnel

Show Me The Money Funnel

The Four Percent Group Review - What You Get

Currently The Four Percent Group is in pre-launch, due for official launch in August 2017.

Pre-launch offers the opportunity to gain pro level access at discounted rates (fake scarcity? maybe, we'll see).

Four Percent FREE level

Zero cost and ability to earn by promoting Four Percent membership.

A​t the free level you get access to the '7 Steps' marketing funnel which is a done for you system that tags each member you introduce with your lifetime affiliate ID. Meaning you'll get paid affiliate commissions from any Four Percent Group membership purchases (not the external products) that people make whilst you remain a free member.

... meaning you'll be paid $22 per month recurring on anybody you introduce that upgrades to 'pro' membership, or $240 (estimated - 50% of $497 one time less Clickbank fees) for anyone who upgrades to 'lifetime' membership (which means no monthly fees).​

Transaction processing for The Four Percent Group is​ handled by primarily Clickbank (which is also reassuring as Clickbank offer a solid 60 day money back guarantee period) with ClickBetter. as backup for people that live in countries not supported by Clickbank.

Note: Four Percent Group isn't available through the general Clickbank marketplace, because Four Percent is a private membership where Clickbank and Clickbetter are simply the transaction service providers. Clickbetter is offered as Clickbank doesn't provide services to some countries in which case Clickbetter can be used.

In terms of training for affiliates there's "The 7 Steps Training" the first "5 episodes of Operation $100k" and what turns out to be quite a lot of live stream training shared through Facebook and the Four percents YouTube channel. In terms of direct response marketing Vick really knows his stuff.

NOTE: You don't HAVE to buy any of the tools (funnel builder, autoresponder, tracking software) that Vick uses. Tools make this easier but if you have your own use them (I did).

Check out Four Percent Group here

In the video below Vick explains the 5 things every successful business must do​....

​There's more for free
Operation $100k ...

Also as free member of Four Percent Group you get partial access to 'Operation $100k' which is very detailed case study training with no editing... (Vick even video records a phone call during this process).

If you've ever wondered if there's any truth behind those earn huge amounts of money in 90 day headlines, you'll love this because it reveals how it's done (or if, because it's live).

As a free member you'll get the first 5 ​Episodes of 'Operation $100k' which is a fly on the wall video recording of Vick setting up a traffic driving and optimization program from scratch (using what he knows but NOT USING his list or name to influence the outcome).

This currently (April 17) looks like... ​

​Operation $100k training layout

Each Episode has the same format with Vick introducing the outcome, and thoughts on what he's doing and why (this insight is priceless), there are then separate videos to show Vick implementing the actions steps identified from the intro...

In the screen grab below you see how the action steps are presented, as you watch each video the tag on the right of each turns green and states 'completed'...​

Operation 100k action step videos

What I particularly like about this training is that nothing is edited out, and a big part of each step is Vick explaining his thinking before laying out what he's going to do (watch, learn and model this stuff).​

So as a free member you get to see all of Vick's initial traffic strategy, which in my opinion is worth a lot as is...

The incentive to go pro at this point is to see the ongoing process of optimisation and scaling... watch the free stuff and decide for yourself​.

Operation $100k Update May 2017

An interesting turn of events. The sharing by Vick of his traffic sources has resulted in a saturation effect with affiliates competing with the same offer and same traffic sources... not good, and not a situation for those lacking in experience.

Vick's proposed solution to provide the volume of leads without the competition for a large team of affiliates is to move to a Cost Per Action model, where people only pay for double optin leads which are distributed between affiliates using a rotor system.

Very creative...

This is due to be launched prior to the conference start as Vick's goal is to have success stories from people to showcase at the event.

How to earn as a free member of Four Percent...​

If all you want to do is earn money as a free member my belief is that you will if you follow the training given here.

The system will convert the people you send, through the quality of the sales funnel, initial training and the ongoing email follow up which is also tagged with your affiliate ID.

One thing to be aware of though... currently the traffic training is all about using paid traffic sources because of the speed and scale-ability.​

So if you're on a budget you'll need to learn your own free traffic method such as blogging, YouTube marketing​, Search Engine Optimization for example.

Four Percent on Facebook

The Four Percent Group has a very members  Facebook Group which is also full of success posts...

Four Percent Group on Facebook

​And  where you can gain help from fellow members and check out the many company updates that get posted there...

Four Percent Group Facebook Group

See from the stats (bottom right) how active this group is

"The Journey"  Interview Series

The Journey is a growing series of interviews hosted by Vick Syrizheus where he interviews successful entrepreneurs, and digs out their secrets to success. 

These interviews are sometimes streamed live as well so if your a Four Percent member look out for Vicks updates.​

Access to The Journey is free to all membership levels.​

Four Percent back office view of The Journey series of interviews

The Journey is free to all Four Percent Members

Four Percent Pro Level​

$49 Monthly, or $497 for a lifetime membership (as a free member you can earn 50% affiliate commissions on both of these options).

2 Big upgrades at this level plus bonuses.

Firstly Multiple Sources of Income (MSI). There are no extra costs here, you don't have to use any of these products to earn affiliate commissions...

How the multiple streams of income works...

If you want to run a business online you need certain things, domain name, hosting, auto responder etc... 'picks and shovels' as Vick calls them.

Personally I already have most of this so I didn't buy any​, but many people will. And the cool part of this system is Your affiliate ID is coded into all the links to these products.

These are industry leading products...

Namecheap,​ Aweber, Get Response, Lead Pages, Clickfunnels, Tecademics, Click Magick... Industry leading companies with your affiliate link.

Many of these tools are monthly recurring products (one of my biggest earners is through promoting the auto responder I use - real passive monthly income!)​

This is was what converted me from free to Lifetime Membership.​

You also get full access to Operation $100k.​ Which again was something I wanted as this is the style of marketing most of the really big players in the industry use.

Four Percent Lifetime Membership​

So you don't want monthly payments... consider lifetime membership at $497 one time.

There's also a $497 value of paid traffic from Vick's main traffic source as a bonus.

NOTE: I want to confirm that you do not have to buy any of the tools Vick uses in Operation $100k. They are tools and will make life easier WHEN you can afford them. But you can promote without them.

I would advise you to at least have an autoresponder service​ though as a list is a valuable asset.

I'll add more here as we go.

Thanks for reading my Four Percent Group review... what do you think?

Was it helpful?

If you have any questions please fire away in the comments below...

Want to check out The Four Percent Group for yourself... Click Here...

Four Percent Masters Level

Masters level membership is currently being offered as a free incentive to those who book to attend the Four Percent Group Event to be held in Orlando Florida 19th-21st June.

There is 3 level of event access VIP, Regular and Live Stream with prices starting from $1497

​So if you opt to attend the event you get Four Percent Master Level Membership thrown in. Masters level has not yet been released as a stand alone product but when it is it's reported to be sold at $4997

So why would you want Master level membership?

Masters level will require the passing of a 6 week super affiliate training program with diploma, and certification badges.

The concept is that Four Percent Masters accredited affiliates will be considered the best in the business, and as such will get access to promote high ticket programs that otherwise you'd have to purchase in order to promote.

Clearly this level of membership isn't for everyone, but if you have experience of promoting big ticket programs this may well be of interest.

​What sort of high ticket programs are planned...

​OK, so the idea is that Four Percent Group will promote the best products covering all elements of life...

Four Percent Wheel of Life

Four Percent will be creating / promoting products in each segment...

The vision is that Four Percent will either work with the best 'celebrity' experts in each sector to either create or promote top quality products that will help people to improve their life each area...

So if you look at the speakers that will be attending the Four Percent Event you'll notice a cross section of backgrounds and expertise...​

Your Voice. Your Vision. Your Business

E-Stage Latest Information

The upgrades to e-Stage are going to be coming thick and fast.

In the video below Vick Strizheuz explains what's released in in version 1.2...​

EStage from Four Percent Group

eStage Your Business Home On The Net

Officially launched at the 2017 Four Percent Conference eStage is a WordPress based platform that people can use as their business 'home'.

Vick's dream is that Four Percent members will learn over time the skills to become successful independent entrepreneurs.​

And as an kick-as entrepreneur your going to need a platform / home for your business that gives you the ability to leverage proven marketing strategies through enabling technologies.

If you've seen any of Vick's webinars and live streams ​you'll have noticed that Vick has some awesome tech...

And we can have it too. If we want.​

EStage feature list

eStage Feature List

Four Percent Group Live Orlando 19th - 21st June

Celebrity Speakers From Various Industry Backgrounds

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