Four Percent Challenge RESULTS

Pete Kachev Shares His Results

Very interesting...

Pete is promoting the Four Percent Success Challenge...

He posted the information below on the Four Percent Facebook Group (a great source of info for those interested in Four Percent stuff).

Vick has started reviewing members websites, landing pages and experience so far.

It's really helpful as well. Seeing other peoples work and hearing the experts critique and advice.

With Pete vick conducted a video interview (screenshot below - Four Percent Success Challenge Session 15)

So the idea here is for Vick to interview people so that we can all learn from their experience. 

In case you're worried about what Pete gets from sharing his best stuff. The branding experience should accelerate Pete's own business growth.

Pete shares that since starting working with Vick his main focus has been on developing himself. The self development work that Vick insists we all prioritise.

As Pete put it this has enabled him to have a different perspective and though much of what he does is the same he now does it better.

He now puts his emphasis on helping people... "who know you could make money by helping people and having fun" as Pete puts it.

A few interesting points...

Pete's main traffic source is free SEO gained through doing YouTube Videos which he now links (via the description box links to his Clickfunnels lead generation funnel). He's in the process of adding his own blog into this process to improve his SEO performance still further.

Pete's also adding paid traffic sources as he's progressing through Internet Traffic Mastery.

The Multiple Streams of Income aspect of the Four Percent Challenge is another key reason for success.

Pete shared his longer term stats for the main MSI's which he's earned from the original version of the Four Percent...

Average earnings from each Clickfunnels trial Pete refers is $133
Clickmagick just over $30 per free trial
ConvertKit & GetResponse $35 per free trial membership referred.

The HEADLINE figure is a total $2 Earnings Per Click (EPC) from all traffic sent into the Four Percent Challenge Funnel!

As Vick points out these figures will also increase as the Four Percent grows in terms of sector focus (currently only concentrating on Affiliate Marketers) and product offerings.

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