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Wealth Building Blueprint is a FREE video training course brought
to you by the Four Percent Group.

It's not about how to MAKE money it's about how to manage your money so that you can build your business effectively and eventually let your money work for you (done right).

I wish my accountant had taught me this! ...maybe he did but I was too STUPID to listen lol.

Do yourself a massive favor and watch this now...

Review Of Vick Strizheus  Free Wealth Building Blueprint  training

What's In Wealth Building Blueprint

Wealth Building Blueprint is video based training delivered by Vick Strizheus founder of Four Percent Group.

It consists of an intro video followed by 8 training modules (all video).

Shot in Vick's Four Percent studio it's a whiteboard based training where Vick explains his financial set up and the reasoning behind why he manages the way he does...

Vick started off with nothing and has had dramatic success. This has 'shaped' his financial management strategy...

...read Vick has made a lot of mistakes we won't have to.

As dull as this  subject may sound Vick makes it educational, entertaining and somehow inspirational...

He's inspired me to change my whole system, which though easy to do feels weirdly good.

I now feel in control, more secure and confident of my business growth.

To access the training sign-in or get a free account by CLICKING HERE.

This'll take you to a page that looks like...

Vick suggesting how people start successfully online

Clicking the 'Join' tab shown on the above image far right will open a pop-up screen shown right where you add your name and email details.

You've now got yourself free membership of The Four Percent Group which is marketplace designed especially to serve business owners and entrepreneurs.

So as well as free access to the Wealth Building Blueprint you'll also have free access to a growing number of excellent training materials (many free) and a fantastic entertainment series (all free).

After sign up you'll gain access to the Four Percent Back Office where you can access all the free material.

See the image below which shows the Four Percent Back office...

Vick suggesting how people start successfully online

Click the 'Programs' tab in the left Navigation bar to open a dropdown menu of all the currant training categories.

Click on 'Money & Finance' to be taken to...

Vick suggesting how people start successfully online

Clicking on the training of your choice will access the training itself.

Both of the training modules pictured are freely available. 

Taxes & Business Structures is delivered by online specialist CPA Jack Cohen.

Though for the purpose of this post click on Wealth Building Blueprint to be taken to the training...

Vick suggesting how people start successfully online

All the modules can be accessed from here.

Once accessed Vick's style of delivery is very engaging.

Mixing straight talking into the camera with experience stories (good and bad) and detailed explanations being shown in a classroom style using the whiteboard as shown to the right.

Not the sesxiest of topics granted, but I believe this training will be of huge value to anybody setting up an online business...

Enjoy 😉

Vick suggesting how people start successfully online

From An Affiliates Perspective

As an affiliate marketer I'm always looking for companies who want to delight both prospects and customers.

Four Percent does that.

People don't have to buy anything from Four Percent to have a great experience.

I want to promote companies like this.

That I use and love...

That I'd recommend to my mum.

Four Percent Group for me are raising the bar in terms of prospect, customer, author, and partner experience.

It's great for the industry.

So you may also want to check out Wealth Building Blueprint from a promotional partners point of view...

Remember Four Percent offers other great free training programs as well as lot's of Free Video Training that affiliate partners can leverage.

In Conclusion:  If like me your an affiliate marketer growing your online business I seriously advise watching and implementing Vick's suggestions (no costs associated). Being in control is a nice feeling.

Any questions?

Please fire away in the comments below.



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