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Percent Success Challenge Case Study

What Happens If You Do
What Vick Tells You?...

I've chosen to case-study the Four Percent Success Challenge because I believe it has the potential to be the best training of it's kind on the Internet.

If I follow this training and implement it's going to change my life! 

Vick Strizheus is promising to show me how to earn $10K, $100k, and $1MILLION ...in 3 structured phases!

By setting up a unique to me online business that really helps people by showing & sharing what I'm doing to answer their why, what, how, when, how much type questions...

It helps by enabling people to evaluate this business for themselves.

Easy right?

To give a little perspective.

I work full-time, have a limited budget, and have never achieved anything like this before...

Update May 2022

So life has somewhat got in the way since I started this case study. But what Vick teaches and what I implemented has continues to work.

Four Percent Group Earnings May 26 22

What I stopped doing was blogging, and updating this website.

Vick has also worked tirelessly to improve Four Percent by simplifying his teaching and implementation path.

By all means continue reading this content I will try and update it, but if you're interested in learning and/or earning from Four Percent Group this page is better.

What Vick Teaches...

Vick teaches us how to build a real business. Something built on solid foundations that'll last the test of time.

Its based on 3 copements that I call...

1. SMART Marketing
2. SCALABLE Traffic
3. An 'ULTIMATE' Affiliate Program 

Smart 'Affiliate' Marketing to give it it's full title does 3 things... 

1 It builds YOU and YOUR CLEAR MESSAGE as a unique brand in your marketplace so that you can stand apart from the affiliate crowd. 

2 It HELPS PEOPLE by answering their why, what, how, when, where, how much questions. It helps people to EVALUATE your message / business for themselves. 

3. It enables you to test and improve all key elements of your marketing so that your conversions improve over time.

Scalable Traffic

Scalable traffic isn't possible unless you have a smart marketing 'funnel' in place to test the PROFITABILITY of individual traffic sources of which there are no shortage. 

Traffic is 'scaled' by adding profitable traffic sources to your funnel or business entry point.

Keep adding profitable traffic sources till you hit your GOAL!

An ULTIMATE Affiliate Program Is Your Business TURBO...

Because it builds  frontend, backend and recurring affiliate commissions from potentially each and every customer your business refers...


It spreads these commissions across multiple best of breed companies!

Meaning your not reliant on any one company product or service...

Your business is not only efficient but also robust because of the 'ULTIMATE' Affiliate Program

To be clear Vicks training works to promote any product or service you may choose. An Ultimate Affiliate Program is whatever program YOU deem appropriate.

My Ultimate Affiliate Program is the Four Percent Success Challenge.

How Does My Four Percent Success Challenge Case Study Work?

It shows and shares what's working for me in a series of posts recorded over time.

As my experience grows I'll need to collate these into something summarized for easier consumption.

But for now I suggest starting with...

Testing A New Angle - This explains how I interpreted Vicks training to create my own unique and hopefully clear message.

This Works! - Which is my first results post

How To Build A ROBUST Affiliate Business - Another results post with penny dropping realization...

If you want to start your own KICK-ASS Affiliate Business Click Here

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