Four Percent Challenge Case Studyโ€‹
See How To Make Money
Following Vicks Steps

I've chosen to case-study the Four Percent Challenge because I believe it has the potential to be the best training of it's kind on the Internet.

If I follow this with any ability it's going to change my life!ย 

It's promising to show me how to earn $10, $100k and $1MILLION 3 structured sequenced phases!

By setting up a unique online business that really helps others (my earning DEPEND on helping others)

Cool right?

The objective of this case study is to test this with my money and effort so that you if you're interested can do the same avoiding my mistakes ๐Ÿ™‚

This case study will be helpful and actionable.

To give a little perspective.

I worK full-time and have a limited budget...

The image below shows my Four Percent Dashboard and access rights to all Four Percent Core Products but I'll point out ways to do this on a lesser budget...

My Four Percent Group back office screen shot showing access and therefore ownership of all core products

The screengrab below shows that at the time of creating this page I'm on Four Percent Challenge Phase 1 Session 28 of 60 (though I'll be further along the time you read ...if that makes sense).

rcent Challenge session 28

The intention of this Four Percent Challenge case study is to share both Susanne (my wife) and my experiences following along with Vicks action steps.

For those that don't know The Four Percent Challenge is Vick Strizheus retaking his journey from nobody to 7 figure earner. so that other may follow.

Using only his knowledge and videoing his every step in a 3 Phase journey...

  1. Phase One - How To Earn Your First $10,000 Per Month
  2. Phase Two - 10x to $100,000
  3. Phase Three - 10x to over $1,000,000

Each Phase is delivered in daily video sessions which combine mindset conditioning, entrepreneurial insights, and detailed action steps designed to be followed even by the least technical of student.

The biggest unique about this training is the embedded mindset conditioning, which I know Susanne and me are both finding life changing...

Ignoring the entrepreneurial aspect briefly, the daily mindset work is a revelation. Susanne has given up smoking after 30 years and countless failed attempts, and I can feel an increase in confidence and idea's for many aspects of my life.

I've modified my daily action plan to incorporate Vicks suggestions and am lovin it ๐Ÿ™‚ย 

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