Four Percent Success Challenge
Review 2020 - 2021
What Is The Four Percent Success Challenge
And Why Should You Care?

Four Percent Success Challenge (for Affiliate Marketers) Review

Update The Four Percent Success Challenge has been renamed "Affiliate Marketing Academy" (AMA)

1. Brief Summary
2. My Experience With The Challenge
3. The What Why How and How Much Stuff
4. FAQ's
5. Conclusion.

Brief Summary

The Four Percent Success Challenge now Affiliate Marketing Academy is a video training program that teaches people how to build their own UNIQUE business based on selling other people's products...

The training is delivered in 'daily' sessions. Though the emphasis should NOT be on completing the training in any time frame but to focus on completeness and quality.

This training is about LEARNING how to achieve extraordinary RESULTS.

And the earning TARGET the training sets for students is to sell over $10,000 of affiliate products.

Delivered by Vick Strizheus this training program is gaining a reputation because of its UNIQUE FORMAT and students reporting great results.

The focus of this training is about building YOU a highly profitable, UNIQUE long-term affiliate business that is never dependent on any one product or company.

This isn't 'ordinary' affiliate training. This is going to push you beyond your comfort zone.

If you join the program Vick is going to show you how you can outperform 96% of other Affiliates.

The challenge is for people who want to become the best they can be.

For those in a hurry the challenge costs $1997 one time, or $197 /mo and offers a 30 day full money back guarantee...

It also includes free access to the Four Percent Success Challenge Implementation Mastermind (now AMA Mastermind), which is live webinar based training conducted by Vick where he will analyse and correct any errors people have made in their implementation.

Basically Vick coaches you UNTIL YOU DO HIT THE $10,000 TARGET!

So the only way you can fail is by quitting... interesting concept right?

My recommendation would be if your a committed, ambitious affiliate marketer, you should test the challenge to see if you resonate with Vick. If you do you're in for a treat, if not claim a full refund.


If you want to check out the challenge click the link below...

You'll be taken to a to sign up page where you'll first have to add your name and email before getting free access to a training webinar with Vick...

See what you think... 

Click here to check out the Four Percent Success Challenge/ Affiliate Marketing Academy>>>

For people who want a product they can EARN as they Learn from and are therefore interested in the Partner opportunity that the Four Percent offers click the link below to see Vick's latest video. 

This video is awesome as it gives both the opportunity and the current conversion stats vital for planning your business...

Click here to see Vick's latest Four Percent Promotional Partners update...

My Experience With The Challenge...

As I'm writing this review update I'm on session 17 of The Four Percent Success Challenge. So just over half way in the first phase.

There are 3 phases to the Challenge based on earning objectives of $10,000, $100,000 and $1 Million in sales of other peoples products.

Meaning I'm learning a lot...

  • Success is 80% MINDSET 20% marketing strategy & tactics.
  • Affiliates MUST stand out from the crowd so we don't have to compete with the thousands of other affiliates ... easier than I thought.
  • As affiliates we should HELP our audience before promoting anything.
  • Affiliates should NEVER rely on one company or product for their income. Vick's taught me how to set up my business to earn 'Multiple Streams  of Income' without having to do extra work!
  • Similarly affiliates should also never rely on one TRAFFIC SOURCE. Im learning how to test different traffic sources so I can find and keep the profitable ones.
  • That I can do this if I just follow the plan... 

Here's what Vicks taught me and I've implemented so far...

  • Updated my existing website to reflect my UNIQUE BRAND and communicate my beliefs, values, and goal.
  • Created my first 'Funnel' that is 100% designed to HELP PEOPLE  interested in affiliate marketing really well.
  • Set up my HELPFUL content as Vick suggests so that I can track and improve my messaging as my understanding of my audience grows. So my system becomes more profitable over time.
  • Created an email list and email follow up sequence.
  • Have run my fist TRAFFIC Sources to test everything.
  • Am building a Retargeting list so that 'no click is ever wasted' meaning I can advertise at lower cost to people that have shown an interest in my content.

I'm posting my RESULTS here, which have served to increase my confidence and inspiration to share this approach.

Going forward I'll be learning a lot more as I add new traffic sources into my 'funnel', as well as through the ongoing training in Vick's success challenge.

These new experiences will be reflected in my core messaging content as I continuously strive to help my visitors move towards their goals.

If you want to see my first funnel experiment click here>>>.

In summary for me the Four Percent Success Challenge is as Vick promised proving life changing in terms of my improved attitude, marketing skills and RESULTS!.

Want to see Vick explain his approach in a free training webinar CLICK HERE.

UPDATE March 2019

Vick announced a significant update to the Four Percent Success Challenge on a live webinar he hosted on 5th March 2019.

As I mentioned above the first 30 sessions (Phase 1) of the Challenge are targeting people to earn $10,000 in sales of other people's products. 

Now Phase 2 ($100,000 target) will ONLY be open to people that can prove they've hit the first target!

If they go through the 30 phase 1 sessions and haven't hit the target they'll be freely enrolled into the Four Percent Success Challenge Implementation Mastermind...

Where they'll live and be coached by Vick UNTIL they hit the target.

Vicks driver for doing this is to ensure that his training has the highest success rate this industry had ever seen!

I love this. The most highly respected Guru's only claim about 10% of their students succeed. Most do nothing apparently ... even ones that have paid thousands.

So Vicks Implementation Mastermind is going to prove interesting...

What Why How & How Much 

The Deet's About Vicks

Four Percent Success Challenge

What is the Four Percent Success Challenge for Affiliate Marketers?

Step by step video training from Vick Strizheus teaching AFFILIATE MARKETERS how to build their own UNIQUELY branded extremely successful (top 4% is the goal) affiliate business.

For me there are 2 unique elements about vicks training sessions.

Firstly the continuous yet precisely sequenced mindset & self development exercises that are integrated.

Looking back from session 17 I feel this element is responsible for improving me as a person and marketer. Vick states that success is 80% mindset, and now I can see that he's right. 

Secondly the detail that each step is covered in. Vick explains and shows not only what has to be done, but also the reasoning behind each step. I've never seen better and easier explanation of what is in reality an advanced marketing strategy.

Below are screenshots to show the layout of one session. Though a session could be completed in one day I would advise taking your time to complete the sessions focussing on quality not speed. Also follow the sequence Vick sets out it's there for a reason.

Each session starts with an introduction video that explains the outcome objective for the session in the example below Four Percent Success Challenge Level 1 session 4 .

The rest of the video's are under clickable headings as shown below...

Below is the screenshot from Session 17 where you can see there are a few more tasks. For me some of these tasks will take me a few days...

And when you click on a heading the video appears in a content tab...

At Session 17 Vick now has 'success' stories from members he can interview. These are about sharing what's working for others.

Seeing how other people implement Vicks training is both helpful and INSPIRING.

Vick also does video reviews of members (that give permission) websites and landing pages so that Vick can help them directly and us through seeing Vicks critique.

Why does The Four Percent Challenge work as a training program?

For me this is the blending of the strategy, tactics and mindset work. If you believe mindset and attitude have any bearing on results you'll love this training.

As Tony Robbins says if you want to achieve something you'll save yourself a lot of time by getting yourself a mentor.

Vick is a great mentor in my opinion. My only advice would be if for any reason Vick doesn't resonate with you don't join the challenge you'll be wasting your time and money.

Why does Vick's marketing strategy work so well?

Vick teaches affiliates  to always promote themselves before any product or service they may be affiliated with. The reason for this is that products come and go and you don't want your income to be seriously affected by matters that are out of your control.

So if you follow Vick you're going to build a long-term affiliate business that's based on proven solid business principles.

Whilst building and branding your own business your key objective should be to REALLY HELP your audience move towards their goals through showing and sharing what's working for you.

Meaning the training tools and services that are helping you perform BETTER, FASTER, or FOR LESS COST. Linked too of course via you affiliate links.

This help people first approach works because it sells without selling. Meaning you never try and sell you simply concentrate on helping people by showing and sharing what's helping you.

What do you need to build a Four Percent Challenge Affiliate Business?

Vick gives us the plan of action and teaches us how to create our own unique goals that will provide ongoing clarity, inspiration and motivation.

The training goal is $10,000 in affiliate sales because it very specific and easily measured. But Vick suggests we create our own bigger than just the money goal.

With a goal and plan we need a primary affiliate product to promote. This can be anything you want from any industry you want...

Vick teaches us what to look for and how to pick something that will help people, last the test of time, and enable the promotion of other secondary helpful affiliate products so that your business has MULTIPLE STREAMS of INCOME from the promotion of ONE primary product!

Read that last bit again. 

Multiple streams of income are critical to success.

So if you've followed Vick's plan you have selected a product to promote that promises people a RESULT.

Vick teaches us that people don't want products they want the RESULT the product gives us...

People don't buy Ferrari's to get from a to b, they buy them because they want to 'feel' significant.

I didn't buy Vicks Four Percent Success Challenge because I want to learn affiliate marketing I bought it because I want a retirement funding lifestyle business that's fun and legit.

Understanding that affiliate marketing is about promoting IDEAS that lead to RESULTS is key because the first thing Vick teaches us is how to build our unique business brand around the RESULT the product we've selected to promote offers.

We very quickly get to 'test' our ideas by asking people what RESULT they want. 

In marketing terms this is called 'lead capture'.

Specifically getting the email address of people interested in achieving a RESULT so that we can help them move towards it through our email follow up.

To do this we need some basic tools...

  • Lead capture / funnel building software or WordPress Plugin
  • WordPress Website that BRANDS YOU and hosts your core messaging content
  • Email Service Provider for building your list & managing your follow up
  • Hosting & Domain Name
  • Tracking Software for running split tests and conversion tracking

NOTE: In the training Vick shows us the tools he uses in his business, which are best of breed industry recognised. Pro tools for a pro marketer. Vick does also suggest alternatives because when starting on a budget it is possible to get all the above at less cost if your willing to look around.

I personally have started on a budget set up which I discuss here...

How do you succeed following Vicks Four Percent Success Challenge?

Simply do as Vick shows you. Simple.

How much does it cost to Build A Four Percent Success Challenge Business?

You'll need the following:- 

Four Percent Success Challenge Training $1997 discounted through the webinar to $1497 one time or $197/mo for max 10 months.
Domain Name approx $15 per year
Hosting from about $4 /mo
Funnel Building / Lead Capture solution from about $67 one time up to $97 /mo for Clickfunnels
Email Service Provider from approx $15 /mo
Tracking software $19 /mo


Premium WordPress Theme from $30 up to $495 for Four Percents Estage premium theme
Estage Academy for people that bought Estage and don't know anything about WordPress

My Four Percent Success Challenge on a budget example is here...

Other expenses to consider:-

Advertising Budget to drive targeted traffic into your funnel
Design fees if you want logos etc
Internet Traffic Mastery Four Percent Traffic Training

What Exactly Are
Multiple Streams of Income?

Vick teaches us how to build Multiple streams of affiliate business into our businesses. 

So using this website and my business as an example...

This website is about my journey to building a legit, forever affiliate business to fund Susanne and my retirement lifestyle (my RESULT). It works by showing the training, tools and services that are WORKING for me in terms of doing it better, faster or for less cost.

Training I use and promote Four Percent Success Challenge and Wealthy Affiliate

Tools and Services I use:-
Domain registrar and hosting Wealthy Affiliate
Lead capture / funnel builder Thrive Architect
Premium WordPress Theme - Thrive Themes
Email Service Provider ActiveCampaign and GetResponse
Tracking software Clickmagick

If you want links to these check out my resources page...

So by following Vicks training I've built the above into my business....BUT

As a promotional partner of Four Percent Group and paid member of the Four Percent Success Challenge Vick gives me the opportunity to participate in the Four Percent MSI (Multiple Streams of Income) program...

Meaning I can add my affiliate links to products Vick recommends in Four Percent Training.

This adds companies that I don't even have to use like...
And many others...
So by setting up my business as Vick suggests I now only promote my unique 'ideas', help people by simply showing and sharing what works for me and earn from multiple best of breed companies.

You can check out my case study if you want to see if this works...

Multiple Streams of Income will only be offered to Four Percent affiliates that are active Four Percent Success Challenge members that HAVE COMPLETED beyond session 3.

So How Do Four Percent Group MSI's Work?

Accessed from the Partner Center tap in the left hand Nav bar in the Four Percent Back Office...

The MSI Ecosys is the bottom tab that opens from the drop down menu.

Click on this tab to open the MSI page...

Remember you have to be an approved affiliate that has completed beyond session 3 of The Four Percent Success Challenge to gain access.

To set up your MSI's

1. Work your way down the list clicking the links to each companies affiliate page. Go through each companies affiliate sign up process. Some will instantly approve others may review your application and reply via email.

2. At the time of writing only 2 require affiliates to be paid members of their services (Active Campaign and Leadpages). I would suggest just skipping these, unless you want to pay for their service (I use Active Campaign as it happens).

3. Once you have your unique affiliate link from each you can click on the appropriate field to be able to paste your affiliate links in place. REMEMBER TO SAVE!

Your done!

If you're wondering how effective this feature is check out this case study post I published...

If you want to check out the Four Percent Success Challenge directly click here...

Four Percent Success Challenge FAQ's

How Much Does The Four Percent Success Challenge Cost?

Is There A Guarantee And Refund Period?

Are There Any Upsells With The Four Percent Challenge?

Are There Any Other Costs Associated With Setting Up A Business As Vick Demonstrates In The Challenge?

Does The Four Percent Group / Four Percent Challenge Have A Support Function?

Is The Four Percent Challenge An MLM / Network Marketing Company?

Can You Join The Four Percent Challenge From ANY Country In The World?

What Costs Are Associated With Multiple Streams Of Income?

Is The 4% Challenge Suitable For Beginners?


For me the Four Percent Challenge has been a life-changer.

If you're ambitious and interested in building a solid affiliate business I'd recommend taking the Four Percent Success Challenge.

Here's the caveat... if you don't resonate with Vick Strizheus simply claim a refund within the 30 day window.

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