HOW To 'Virtually' Guarantee
Affiliate PROFITS

Making SURE
Affiliate Marketing Works For YOU…

Profit is about earning more than you spend right?

Simplicity is always better...

  1. Pick a PROVEN Method for making money online
  2. Choose a mentor to follow - somebody who will answer your questions
  3. Do what they tell you UNTIL YOU MAKE IT

Never ever give up.

Never ever be scared to ask for help when you need it, that's what a mentors for.

It really is this simple, don't make it more complicated.

Most people fail because they either get distracted by all the make money 'noise' or they simply give up too soon.

Consistent action taken when following a proven method is a good start...

1. Finding YOUR (Ideal)
Way To Earn Money Online

Update 2020: There are many proven strategies for making money online (affiliate marketing, selling your own services, video marketing, selling advertising, physical products, and the list can go on and on...)

I've had moderate success with many of them...

To no avail tho

Because I didn't know what I truly wanted?

Selling your own services online is a great way to earn money, but it turned out I didn't want the hassle of dealing with clients, invoicing, chasing payments, working to deadlines get the drift?

So may I suggest taking as much time as needed to get crystal clear about what you really want...

Personally, I came to realize I wanted a legit, scalable, 'side-hustle' that I can grow over time to supplement our retirement funds.

I don't want to become a content creation machine, or social media performer.

I like leverage, automation and promoting stuff that helps people like me...

I mention all this because what follows is what has helped me and if you agreed with any of the stuff above may help you too.

So my ideal business plan is affiliate marketing, because it's legit, proven, scalable and can be largely automated...

It's a low risk option with great potential if you find the right mentor...

2. Choose A Mentor...

This is somebody who's getting the RESULTS you want by doing something you want to do or learn.

This is somebody you'll resonate with, trust, be inspired to take action from.

You'll also need a way to ask questions and get help as things won't always run smooth.

The first mentoring program I had success with is Wealthy Affiliate (WA). I've been a premium member with WA for 5+ years, and will be staying as long as they'll have me 🙂

I would recommend WA for anyone considering affiliate marketing because you can try the whole process for free, no strings attached.

WA is very profitable for many students because the content creation process that attracts visitors and drives earnings only takes TIME.

The downside for me is I don't enjoy spending my time this way (I could outsource but didn't want to).

This led me to looking for an advertising powered affiliate blueprint. Where you send paid traffic to one piece of content or funnel designed to help the person solve a problem and potentially earn an affiliate commission into the bargain.

Though this solved my content creation issue it threw up a whole new set of issues...

How to pay for visitors ...PROFITABLY?

This pushed me to looking at higher ticket products to promote because the higher commissions could offset ad costs.

In my opinion most of these programs are not that great. Designed to earn the 'leaders' a lot of money but not much else... 

Many of these programs have been shut down by the FTC for various dubious business practices.

But things are changing...

A new breed of affiliate opportunity is emerging.

One that I call 'Ultimate' affiliate programs because they do three things...

Ultimate Affiliate Programs

1. The product or service WORKS (PROVEN to get a high percentage of people the SPECIFIC RESULTS they're looking for). Happy loyal customers are critical.

2. They earn YOU the affiliate the 'potential' for LIFETIME AFFILIATE COMMISSIONS from MULTIPLE COMPANIES which builds you a robust business because you're not reliant on any one company, product, or service for your income.

3. They do ALL the follow up marketing to your referrals for as long as they're interested in the topic. This powers your lifetime commissions AND frees you to do the ONE TASK needed for success. 

The ONLY task I have to do is find the people looking for the specific result and show them where they can get it.

I've only found two programs so far that do all this in my niche (learning affiliate marketing)

The downside?

The cost to qualify as an affiliate (usually by buying one of the products - budget around $1500)

Though in my experience the results outweigh costs...

Results From Promoting
An Ultimate Affiliate Program 

RESULTS from sending people interested in a topic (learning affiliate marketing) to a SYSTEM that delivers it...

What follows is a series of screenshots taken from some of my affiliate dashboards to show the power of using a proven system.

All I did was send traffic...

To ONE Affiliate PROGRAM!!!

Another Four Percent Success Challenge Multiple Stream of Income ...Clickmagick
Affiliate commissions earned to date

Earning affiliate commissions from MULTIPLE Companies while only promoting one is the game changer for me.

3. Do What They Tell You

The results above are mine from implementing what I was taught in the second mentoring program I tried...

The Four Percent Success Challenge.

A program that teaches a more advertising driven form of affiliate marketing.

Though the training can be used to promote any product or service the game-changer is being able to grow multiple income streams through promoting one product.

So the blueprint I'm starting to implement is...

Earn as you learn by following the Million Dollar Conversion Model

Mind blowing.

I know it looks overwhelming.

It's not as scary as it looks. 

I created a post about here.

But to conclude I would say that in my experience to guarantee affiliate profits you either need

A system for low cost traffic and acceptable conversion levels like the content generation model taught by Wealthy Affiliate.


A system that builds higher level income through multiple sources to cover the costs of advertising and higher operating costs.

As taught by the Four Percent Challenge or Partner With Anthony (I've not tested this one much, but it looks like it meets the brief).

Different strokes for different folks. 



Testing what works online. Sharing the stuff that works and flagging the stuff the doesn't. Model the good stuff avoid the rest... If you have any questions I'm always happy to help :)

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