How To AVOID DISTRACTION and Get Serious S@#T Done…

how to avoid distraction and get things done

OK this is the second post in a series about achieving your affiliate dreams…

Post 1 “How To Guarantee Your Affiliate Profits” is here…

To quickly recap it explained that following a proven plan with access to a mentor / knowledgeable support is the foundation from which to build SUCCESS.

Our responsibility is to simply do what the proven plan tells us UNTIL WE MAKE IT!

Simple right?

Personally I SUCK at getting things done.

I procrastinate, overthink, am easily distracted to name just a few…

But I don’t think I’m alone?

It’s widely reported that 90+% of people that look to make money online FAIL!

Surely all of them can’t be working without a proven plan and support?

So there must be something else…

Now presuming you’re going to get a mentor and with them a plan of action to follow?

All mentors worth their salt will cover the subject of ‘taking action’.

Certainly within Wealthy Affiliate it’s tackled from numerous angles and with a whole community to provide social support as well.

But I believe it will help if I share what I’ve learned to ‘manage’ my many weaknesses (note: manage not cure).


To Get Thinks Done You MUST Have A BIG WHY

Something you want badly enough to potentially push you out of your comfort zone.

For me it’s to build a passive recurring income stream that will fund my retirement and not starve me of precious time.

It’s motivated me enough to come back on the few occasions I almost gave up.

I don’t describe this as a GOAL!


This is where I may be a little different from many, so please bear with me.

I don’t subscribe to the ‘aim for the stars and if you fail you achieve the moon’ principal of goal setting.

And here’s why…

If your see your goal / dream as the end point in a journey it naturally follows you’ll have a start point.

The gap between your start and goal is the ground to be covered… right?

In my opinion if you make this too big you’ll likely overwhelm yourself.

The reason is because as logical beings humans achieve results by taking actions, reviewing the results from those actions, modifying those actions if needed, and then taking more actions… a process that repeats until we reach our objective.

Taking persistent, continuous, action requires us to have faith, belief and confidence in what we are doing.

If our results from the actions we take don’t show progress our confidence and belief is quickly eroded.

Many people give up before they achieve something wonderful… I nearly did.


Having a positive mindset is often hailed as the solution to this problem, and it is, but for most of us it takes more than simply reading that you must learn to ‘think positive’.

Two things really helped me, and I hope they may help you too.

Firstly I changed my goal setting from the aim for the stars /  ‘stretch’ targeting I’d been trained to do in my corporate career in favor of short term ‘micro’ goals.

Micro goals are easily achieved but vital steps on the journey.

For me following the training within Wealthy Affiliate I continued to dream / visualize the $10k (everyone seems to pick this number) recurring revenue target but I started setting very short term goals…

  • Researching my market
  • Building my website
  • My first piece of content
  • Getting to 20 pieces of content
  • My first affiliate commission

And here’s the BIG ONE…

Instead of reviewing my results and progress against the huge and at the time seemingly unattainable $10k goal I simply reviewed my results against my short term goals and CELEBRATED all the progress I had made from my START POINT.

I’m going to repeat this because for me this simple change supercharged my motivation.

I now review my achievements in terms of how far I’ve come from my start point.

So I take great confidence and motivation from the facts that I’ve…

  • Learned how to make money from keyword research
  • Write content that helps people and search engines send visitors to
  • Create a website that earns me monthly income (whether I work on it or not)

My $10k monthly income hasn’t yet been achieved but now I have 100% faith it’s simply a matter of keeping on taking the same actions that have got me this far.

For how long?

…as long as it takes.

And what I have achieved so far pay’s for holidays, cars and stuff…

Anyone can do this.

YOU can do this…


My Not So Secret For Getting Stuff Done…

I started taking some of the to do actions from the Wealthy Affiliate training and simply making them my short term micro goals.

Personally I don’t like setting goals more than two weeks in advance.

I feed my motivation by looking at how far I’ve come not how far I’ve yet to go.


One more IDEA that has helped me focus…

I can’t remember exactly where I read this next tip but…

I have it on my whiteboard in my office.

“The Rule of ONE”

Making money as an affiliate only requires visitors or traffic to click on your affiliate links within your content and then buy something…


To profit from the simple model above you only need to…

Learn ONE TRAFFIC technique


Find ONE Offer that CONVERTS

The one method was a long article that basically explains how destructive multi-tasking can be.

Learn to do ONE thing well before moving on (if you want to).

So from my experience I learned SEO the Wealthy Affiliate way. SEO is search engine optimization, or how to get FREE TRAFFIC from search engines.

I then found ONE product that I really liked and wanted to promote.

This FOCUS helped me avoid distraction and start making sales.

There are many many ways of getting traffic, and many good products that you can promote.

Don’t burden yourself by doing too much.

So too recap we’ve learned that…

Affiliate profits can be GUARANTEED if you simply follow a PROVEN SIMPLE STEP BY STEP PLAN by taking CONSTANT ACTIONS MOTIVATED by appreciating HOW FAR YOU HAVE COME.


If You’d Like To Guarantee YOUR Affiliates Profits I’d Love To Help…


Personally taking responsibility to get you started on the right foot.


Click here to find out more…




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