Pick A Mentor... 
A Coach That'll Show You The Way
To Your GOAL!

Somebody who reflects your beliefs
stands for what you stand for...

STEP 2 out of the 8 required. Tony Robbins suggests finding the right mentor is the easiest and fastest way for people looking to achieve a challenging goal for themselves.

To build a robust affiliate business I looked to find a Mentor proven to help people like me to reach goals similar to mine.

I needed the strategy, blueprint and action steps required, I later realized I also needed ongoing inspiration to help pull me through the tough times.

To recap. After clarifying my why (step1) , and beliefs...

I need my business to represent ALL of the following...

Be robust ...evergreen.
Be Fun, and fit my desired lifestyle.
Be transformational in nature, I love learning projects.
Be Legit no business models that attract the attention of the FTC or SEC (be very careful of MLM or Biz OP type stuff)
Really help people. Don't promote anything I wouldn't recommend to my mum.
Be able to prove it helps people through using, testing, tracking, and analytics to verify results.
Be consistently PROFITABLE so that we can ditch the safety net of the day job!
Be owned by me, not rely on any one company product or service (build robust business ASSETS)
Allow much of the process to be automated.

I found a few mentors that met many of these initial criteria...

Specifically Russell Brunson, Frank Kern, Andre Chaperon, Vick Strizheus and the team at Wealthy Affiliate all embrace my belief in the way marketing should be done.

I whittled out Frank Kern and Andre Chaperon because they're not aiming at serving affiliate marketers.

And by Russells own admission people like me aren't his 'target' market.

Leaving Vick and the team at WA.

For me these two are hard to separate, WA has a longer track record, Vick could be described as coming back from the 'dark' side, but has new ideas and a potentially a life-changing coaching offer...

I'll actually be able to implement both mentors strategies because Vick's offers a broader perspective of which WA's fits neatly within. 

No I'm not saying you need to follow both, one or other will work fine. 

I'm saying for me Vick is my primary because his approach is less reliant on search engine optimization (SEO) and constant content generation.

I really resonate with Vicks passion, build yourself, and serve others first approach. He is also currently 100% focussed on serving affiliate marketers.

Vick has a successful 'past' in Multi Level Marketing, but has taken huge strides to reposition his company and his training away from any business model that may be at risk from FTC or SEC investigation. 

This poacher turned gamekeeper experience also attracted me. 

I bought Vick's Four Percent Success Challenge for Affiliate Marketers and am now in possession of the strategy, blueprint and steps needed for success.

If you want to find out more about the Four Percent Success Challenge (FPSC) I've reviewed it here...

I've also created a Four Percent Success Challenge case study which you can see here...

I've adapted my website (it predates the FPSC) and my messaging inline with Vicks training.

I'm also a promotional partner (affiliate) for Four Percent Products which fits very happily with my promote what you own philosophy.

If you want to compare Wealthy Affiliate I've reviewed it here...

Conclusion & Next Step...

Things are falling into place.

I've clarified my why, my beliefs, my 1st goal and identified a Mentor who's proven to help people reach similar goals...

I 'feel' I'm in good hands.

The next step in Vick's blueprint to build you before promoting anything. Meaning be unique stand out from the crowd...

This is another breakthrough strategy that's actually way easier to implement than I first thought...

If you have any questions or suggestions please fire away in the comments below

Thank you


Richard Penfold taking the Wealthy Affiliate Challenge



Testing what works online. Sharing the stuff that works and flagging the stuff the doesn't. Model the good stuff avoid the rest...

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