Build YOU...
Before Promoting ANYTHING!



This is the strategy that will enable your affiliate business to become independent.

Never relying on any other company, product or service.

Done right It'll also enable you to work with companies that won't deal with 'ordinary' affiliates because they're deemed to offer no value.

Though on face value this step seems a lot more work.

It really isn't and the payback is potentially huge.

What Does Building YOU Mean?

Most affiliates don't take the time to create any assets of their own.

No website, no list, no helpful content in anyform.

Building you doesn't have to be difficult, it's just your name or company/brand name and a very brief intro.

Here's my current website homepage example...

There are many ways you can do this, but it's not difficult.

Here's another example from legendary direct response marketer Frank Kern.

Known as a hero image this is a very popular style of site design...

Pretty simple right?

Nice photo, compelling statement about what you do, and your off.

Why You Should Bother

Two main reasons.

One, it enables you to stand apart from all the other affiliates, tell your story, provide help, start to build a relationship with people that may lead to trust.

Two, done right it'll enable you to work with companies that flat out refuse to work with 'ordinary' affiliates, because they have such a bad rep in the industry.

We're talking advertising giants such as Google and Facebook. Sure they'll let you open accounts, but as soon as they see any problems they'll shut you down.

Email Service Providers such as Active Campaign, Mailchimp, and ConvertKit have a very low threshold for the usual affiliate shenanigans. Overly pushy, excessive use of hype, terrible open rates, these sort of accounts are bad for their businesses they ban them.

There are also affiliate networks like CJ and CPA networks that look to vet affiliates before accepting them.

It costs very little to set yourself up for the long game.

If you want to build something meaningful as an affiliate just do it.

How To Build YOU Easily, Honestly, Authentically, EFFECTIVELY

Learn, Do, Show and Share.

That's how I've done it!

Learn something that takes me towards my goal of building a robust affiliate business.

This is what I'm learning from my mentor (step 2) .

Do it, meaning implement it, and then show and share what I've implemented with people also interested in this business model.

As I learn new skills and build experience by implementing, I'm growing as a person. I enjoy this process, it's fun learning, and rewarding sharing.

By showing and sharing I'm helping people interested in doing similar. People can learn from my mistakes as well as from the things I do well.

It's easy for me to do this.

I don't feel like I need to 'try' to be anybody else, or an expert. 

It's OK for me to screw up...

That's life.

You'll see the power of this better as we move through the steps.

Conclusion & Next Step...

We're building a solid business foundation...

We know our 'why', what we stand for and against, our business will reflect these values and be much more powerful for it.

We've got a mentor and with them a proven strategy and plan.

We're following this proven plan and have started by getting ourselves set for success and have created our unique 'branding' to carry us forward...

Next we're going to help people IMMEDIATELY...

If you have suggestions or questions please fire away in the comments

Richard 🙂

Richard Penfold taking the Wealthy Affiliate Challenge



Testing what works online. Sharing the stuff that works and flagging the stuff the doesn't. Model the good stuff avoid the rest...

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