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No Hype No Pressure No Strings Attached... What A Concept?


This content is in the process of being created.

It's published incomplete to demonstrate that it's possible to move forward even when everything isn't complete.


I love the quote on the right...

My whole focus is now on helping people as much as I can, and working on myself so I'll be capable of helping more in future.

I believe this is a winning strategy.

An honest strategy...

And though maybe not the easiest, it's well worth the extra effort.

Help People Immediately

In terms of how I'm helping the strategy is...

Learn, do , show & share.

I'm going to flag mistakes I've made, and share anything that helps me implement better, faster, or for less cost.

It's a simple way of helping others, but ideal for those with little experience or expertise.

I believe anybody can show and share?

The training program I'm following promotes building solid business assets. These include a website where you invite people and share helpful content, and an email list of people interested in your topic.

One of the key reasons for building your own brand is so that you can advertise as a unique entity, rather than promoting the same offer as all the other affiliates.

I created a case study blog post about my first promotion using this new to me approach...

To be honest everything Vick (my mentor) has advised has worked great.

Though I had my own website prior to Four Percent I didn't build my own brand/angle to the extent Vick advises.

In terms of helping people I believe this content is as good as start as I'm currently capable.

I'll get better with experience. 

In terms of helping people I wanted to 'test' a slightly different approach...

In traditional marketing terms a funnel is a sequence of information that firstly has to capture leads (peoples email addresses) by providing an incentive, before following up with subscribers delivering the incentive and additional helpful information that will also promote your main affiliate offer.

My original idea 'The Ultimate Affiliate Program' is a curiosity based offer using very short copy to promote it...

Clicking the find out more button brings up the email subscription form.

The advantage of this type of email incentive offer is that it's very fast and easy to create, and the curiosity element works very well to attract a lot of subscribers.

The disadvantage is that these subscribers are curious rather than 'interested'

I want to test a different kind of approach.

One that doesn't use curiosity, rather it provides a lot of helpful information before providing an invitation to subscribe.

You're in this new 'funnel' and its aim is show you exactly what my stuff is about so you can evaluate without hype or pressure.

If you like it great, you can then decide if you'd like to subscribe to go deeper.

Personally, I think this is a more transparent approach...

It'll no doubt build a much smaller list of people.

But a list based on shared interest and values rather than just curiosity...

If you're a great marketer with the skills to nurture a broad audience the first option I tested is probably a good idea, but that doesn't sound like me...

So How Can You Help People Even If You Don't Have Ninja Skills...

Conclusion & Next Step...

By this step in the process we've introduced ourselves, sharing our why, our beliefs, what we stand for and against...

We've clearly laid out how we can help people and given people sight of the results that are possible. 

Basically a straightforward way for people to evaluate our stuff without hype or pressure...

Next step is to offer people more helpful information if they're interested in doing these steps better, faster or for less cost.

If you have suggestions or questions please fire away in the comments


Richard Penfold taking the Wealthy Affiliate Challenge



Testing what works online. Sharing the stuff that works and flagging the stuff the doesn't. Model the good stuff avoid the rest...

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