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The Perfect Make Money Online Avatar…

Meet Frank the perfect avatar for the make money market

The Perfect Make Money Online Avatar…Though I hate to admit it Frank is ME!Though I’m trying to kick the habits……it ain’t always easy ūüôĀThe ‘Frank’ avatar is the work of genius copywriter Andre Chaperon.My journey is about turning from being a ‘Frank’……into somebody who serves his market with focus…strategy…and leverages proven ‘systems’.Want to know more […]

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Picking a niche or ATTRACTING an audience?

Great advice from Ray Edwards on niche selection

Picking a niche or ATTRACTING an audience? Picking a niche is often a daunting task with much conflicting advice…‚ÄčIf niche selection is causing you issue watch the video below, I’m sure it will inspire and help :).‚Äč ‚ÄčMany top marketers suggest creating an avatar (written representation) of you’re perfect visitor / reader / customer.‚ÄčBefore you […]

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How To Find A Profitable Niche In Under 10 Minutes

How To Find A Profitable Niche In Under 10 Minutes   How To Find A Profitable Niche In Under 10 Minutes…A fast, PROVEN technique for finding a PROFITABLE Niche…‚ÄčFun too.‚ÄčThe Strategy in a nutshell…‚Äč1. Find where people are CURRENTLY making money.2. Join them.‚ÄčOverly simplified maybe, but bear with me this works…‚ÄčWe’ll be using Amazon’s Kindle […]

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In It For The Long Haul… Choosing A Niche

niche market selection in it for the long haul

Affiliate Niche Selection II – In It For The Long Haul… In my previous affiliate niche selection post I covered what I consider to be the ‘basics’.In this post I wanted to try and better illustrate what I’m trying to achieve with this website and this part of the make money online niche…‚ÄčPreviously I explained […]

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A Niche Website Isn’t Just For Christmas… Picking A Successful Affiliate Niche Market

Affiliate niche selection

‚ÄčJust like cute critters after the holidays niche websites get abandoned too.Though there are marketers who specialize in creating many small niche websites, I believe now the better advise for anyone starting out in affiliate marketing is to to pick a topic that can grow with you.‚ÄčIf getting ranked in search engines and the resulting free traffic […]

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