Picking a niche is often a daunting task with much conflicting advice...

If niche selection is causing you issue watch the video below, I'm sure it will inspire and help :).​

Many top marketers suggest creating an avatar (written representation) of you're perfect visitor / reader / customer.

Before you start a business or marketing.​

However there is a different viewpoint...

Interesting because as one of the most respected direct response copywriters Ray Edwards used to subscribe to the above.

But his mind has changed...

Watch the video below to find out why...​

How do I pick an avatar?

How do I find my custom audience?

The two questions he gets repeatedly that drove Ray to create this video.

Ray admits to being in the camp that would study, research, crunch numbers in order to find an audience.

​And even though he was part of a successful professional team, Ray reckons they only got it right 50% of the time!


Ray's appearance on the The Cliff Ravenscraft Show acted as his catalyst for change.

Ray realised that by talking about, teaching about, writing about, subjects that fascinated and inspired him, would naturally attract people with similar interests.

Attract an audience by being yourself... how simple is that?

Steven King writes books that he wants to read, which is a shame because I do feel the world needs more teenage vampire romance...

It's about producing / promoting content that inspires and interests us, and that will naturally attract the people that have similar tastes.

So what is Ray's personal mantra for success?

Ray's passion for combining business with spirituality has really helped him find his true audience.

As Ray admits his message isn't for everybody, but that's the point.

Ray also references Clay's Collins advice for people to build a "minimum viable audience" before looking to make money.​

Pat Flynn's interview with Clay Collins (co founder of Leadpages talking about laddering up)​

By picking a subject your passionate about you're going to be invested for the long-haul.​


Ask yourself what do you love doing?

Where do you spend most of your time?

What excites you?

What gets you fired up?​

The answer to these questions is likely a good steer for the market you should pursue.

​If your following the Wealthy Affiliate system for creating a successful website this falls very much in line with their advice, and the suggestion to let your site gain momentum before trying to make money.

Want more from Ray Edwards?

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Tell me what you think... good advice Y or N?

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