The Perfect Make Money Online Avatar...

Though I hate to admit it Frank is ME!

Though I'm trying to kick the habits... ain't always easy 🙁

The 'Frank' avatar is the work of genius copywriter Andre Chaperon.

My journey is about turning from being a 'Frank'...

...into somebody who serves his market with focus


and leverages proven 'systems'.

Want to know more about ME FRANK?

During my “honeymoon period” I had joined a bunch of marketing guru email lists.

So I was getting hit with offers every damn day. Three things were 100% certain back then.

  1. I was making no money.
  2. I will die one day.
  3. There would be a new “shiny-object” offer in my inbox each morning.

… and with the little bit of redundancy money I had in the bank, I went on a buying spree.

It started slowly, because I was broke.

Perhaps a new magic pill each month. It was like heroin. I was helpless. I constantly needed the next shiny-object “fix”. The big promises of easy quick “push-button” riches.

But each product pulled me in a completely different direction.


  • I was doing SEO (white hat, grey hat, black hat cloaking — you name it).
  • I was writing articles (myself).
  • I was doing mind-numbing link building (myself).
  • I was building lists (cause the gurus said I should).
  • I was driving PPC to affiliate offers (al la Google Cash, AdWords Miracle, AdWords Black Book).
  • I was creating products, reports, give-aways (you name it, I was prob’ly doing it).
  • I flipped sites (before site flippin’ was popular).
  • I participated in the AdSense gold rush (al la Traffic Equalizer).
  • I leveraged outsourcing (but that didn’t work because I had no focus).
  • I was building this, creating that (it was never ending).


… I was spinning my wheels. I felt like blowing my brains out at times. What I had didn’t feel like a real business.

I was an “opportunity seeker”. No two ways about it (honestly, I think this is where most of us entrepreneurs start our journey into the unknown).

All marketing messages should be for a specific person.

This post is to help me (or other people marketing to the make money niche)

Keep me Frank front and center when creating marketing messages.

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Testing what works online. Sharing the stuff that works and flagging the stuff the doesn't. Model the good stuff avoid the rest...

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