Wealthy Affiliate Vs Four Percent Group - Wealthy Affiliate Challenge

Wealthy Affiliate Vs Four Percent Group

Comparison between two of the top online training communities
Four Percnet group vs wealthy affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate

Four Percent Group

SUMMARY   Wealthy Affiliate is designed for up to intermediate level online marketers. In it's 11th year WA had refined it's training ...it works!

It's NOT EASY the people who succeed have the PASSION for their subject to enable them to consistently work on their business even when they're may be no signs of success!

If you have that passion WA is great and it won't cost you a lot to build a REAL long-term business.

Most people don't have this level of PASSION!

You can test it out for FREE though...

The warning is in the title...

This is for 4% of the online marketing population!

I'm a member and feel outside of my comfort zone, trying to learn this stuff is a challenge.

It's going to cost you money, It's going to overwhelm you, it's going to frustrate you, it'll probably make you want to give up.

It's not for beginners.

If you want a sample click here to watch a webinar of Vick showing us how to create a six figure sales funnel...

Wealthy Affiliate - Promises to train people how to make money through building a profitable website of their own. The mantra is to turn a PASSION into a long-term business.

Four Percent Group - Vick Strizheus is coaching members to become INDEPENDENT ENTREPRENEURS with the mantra "create don't compete."

Wealthy Affiliate teaches people how to pick a niche they're passionate about, how to research to find keyword phrases that are about that niche in order to create and post content on those phrases to your website.

Done correctly this will attract visitors from search engines which in turn can potentially be monetised through many different business models though affiliate marketing is the main focus of the training.

Wealthy Affiliate also teaches you how to promote your content through social media channels and optionally through paid advertising channels such as Pay Per Click.

Email marketing is another highly recommended marketing strategy that is also taught as an optional element once your business is starting to attract visitors.

Four Percent Group have a very ambitious objective to coach you into becoming an independent entrepreneur, and therefore covers topics such as mindset, resourcefulness, creativity, focus, determination before moving into more tangible subjects such as markets and business models.

The marketing strategy that Vick coaches is Direct Response Marketing.

Direct response is a highly targeted methodology requiring more skills, tools and therefore budget to implement.

Typically a direct response campaign will use paid traffic sources sent into a marketing 'system' designed to collect email addresses and provide very targeted follow up content across different mediums such as email, websites, sales funnels, webinars,etc.

Done correctly direct response marketing provides great value to prospects whilst converting a profitable percentage of people into paying customers.

For beginners learning direct response is a much steeper learning curve.

Training is delivered in bite sized video with supporting text with check-listed action steps, and a community commenting thread to support each lesson.

This is a very easy format to follow and learn from.

Wealthy Affiliate have had over 10 years to perfect the training and it's delivery ...it shows.

Four Percent deliver training to their members via webinars and also subject based video tutorials.

Vick Strizheus so far delivers all the member training. Vick in my opinion is a charismatic and gifted trainer, BUT Vick is also the bottle-neck in the process of building out a complete training program.

As of Oct 2017 the member training is not complete, and the drip-feed approach won't suit everyone.

Does Wealthy Affiliate Work?

Yes, BUT?

In my opinion most people fail because they pick a subject that they're not passionate about. It could take a year of posting good quality (1,000 plus word content) at least once per week to start seeing signs of success.

My friend Geraldine does obedience training for dogs. I wouldn't hesitate to doubt Geraldine's success because she would happily post content on this subject for the rest of her life even if it paid her zero!

Me on the other hand, yes I'm interested in affiliate marketing, but not passionate ... it shows!

Does Four Percent Work?

Yes, BUT?

This is a much harder learning curve than  than Wealthy Affiliate, but if you 'get' this form of marketing the results will come faster and bigger.

But be prepared to invest in yourself, and tools to do the job.

How much does Wealthy Affiliate cost?

Test WA out 100% free see if you enjoy keyword research and content generation.

If you do upgrade to premium for $19 first month $49 per month thereafter.

Don't panic you don't have to stay a premium member for ever. Learn the skills you need and then drop back to free membership.

After that you only need a domain name (budget $20 per year) and hosting (budget $5 per month).

How Much Does Four Percent Group Cost?

$49 per month with a discounted annual option.

But you'll also need an email autoresponder for building your list, a domain name, hosting, and a Clickfunnels account as a minimum.

Plus money for advertising.

Budget about $150 per month plus advertising!

How to get started on a budget?

This is easy WA is designed to let people try before they buy.

Interested? just do it.

How to start with Four Percent on a budget?

This is going to sound a little odd. But Vick uses Clickfunnels to build all of his sales funnels.

Clickfunnels is a software as a service provider of sales funnel software. They are not connected to Four Percent Group in any way.

Russell Brunson who founded Clickfunnels provides their affiliates brilliant training on direct response marketing (my wife Susanne is going through it).

100% free you simply have to sign up as a Clickfunnels affiliate (no purchase necessary).

You'll then get excellent training on how to do direct response marketing.

Complete this and you'll be in position to promote anything you want.

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