"Results ARE Typical"

Four Percent Group update for July (17th) 2017:

"Results ARE Typical" was the phrase Vick jokingly used in this webinar to highlight how he would like the Four Percent income disclaimer to read...

Meaning this webinar shares the short and medium term objectives for the company, and Vicks dream to make every affiliate better...

It's impressive stuff to say the least.

Four Percent Group webinar update July 2017: Vick explains the many  changes coming to the Four Percent Group

What's Covered

Firstly on a sad note, all our condolences go to Vick and his family for the loss of his father last week after a spirited battle with liver cancer.

Vick bravely opens the webinar with a brief introduction on what's been going on whilst he's been focussed on personal matters.

For me there are two main themes to Vicks Update:

  1. ​ The new payment processing system which will result in the launch of new products and faster payments for affiliates.
  2.  Affiliate training for SUCCESS

The payment processor has been the blockage, with it's release next week comes the launch of new products which means new sales funnels.

Vick shares his screen within the webinar to show the products due for release over the coming weeks (well over 30 products!).

To illustrate the sales funnels that will be used to promote each product Vick used the Four Percent Membership  as the most relevant product to illustrate how these funnels and follow up marketing programs will work.

If this stuff is of interest to you and I guess if you've read this far it does, please make sure you watch the webinar recording.  This will be 'life changing' for some people...

Anyway the follow up marketing is a 52 week program covering email, SMS, and retargeting adverts (at NO COST to affiliates) to help us turn interested parties into 'customers'.

To say this funnel is amazing is understatement. Now imagine this type of funnel replicated across all the key products.

Products that don't just cover making money online.

And as affiliate we can promote whichever ones we like, BUT we get paid on ALL the products a customer purchases for the duration affiliates remain members of Four Percent Group.

Seriously, how could this be made any better?

The Affiliate Development Program

Four Percent Group is going to distance itself from the business opportunity marketplace by being 100% compliant with all leading regulatory bodies, and as such affiliates are going to be trained on how to represent the company professionally.

This again starts next week with affiliate 'on-boarding' and more detailed training on how affiliates can build their own unique business identity.


Operation $100k Resumes!

Operation $100k is a fantastic training / product idea that has stalled due to changing circumstances, but personally I think will be the better for the delay...

Vick explains all in the webinar.

Finally Vick shows off eStage once more...

In summary I think this update is mouth watering and for any affiliates marketers possibly life changing.

Four Percent is not just about affiliates, and this update explains how Four Percent is going to attract business people who will have no interest in 'joining a program'...

Click the image below and follow the instructions to watch the replay ...it's worth it 🙂

Any Questions?

Please let rip in the comments below:)​

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