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Must Know journal post... struggling for inspiration

Must Know journal post... struggling for inspirationTuesday 29th July 2014

Started writing a ‘getting started’ page.

The idea to provide help for anyone looking to start with WA.

Writers BLOCK!

Not that I’m a writer, but I just couldn’t get going.

So just wrote stuff in the WordPress editor without thinking to much.

2 hours later I had some stuff I liked.

And a lot I didn’t  😕

Decided it wasn’t a ‘getting started’ page.

So my “Wealthy Affiliate 5 Things Everyone Should Know Before They Start” or ‘Must-Know’ (as it shows in the header navigation) page was born.

Still not loving it, but it’s important to keep moving forward.

Saved as draft.

Had a glass of wine with Susanne as I helped cook dinner  😛

Wednesday 30th July 2014

Finished and posted the ‘Must Know’ page.

Added some images and though I’m still so-so about it, decided to hit publish.

Also added the privacy page which I had forgotten.

Linked my sidebar About Me widget with my  profile page on Wealthy Affiliate.

The other idea I had.

Was to write my daily objectives the day before. To really see how things pan out.

To create a getting started page.

Created a 5 Things You Must Know About WA Before Getting Started

Time Taken
About 3 hours


Next Day



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