Day 19 WA Challenge – Content Marketing Strategy Anyone…

Something Different

Something Different

Thursday 31st July – A Little Different

Writing this element the day prior (Wednesday)

I wanted to set my objectives in advance and see how things may change.

Objective (set yesterday)
Create a piece of content page or post that I feel is good enough to also create a YouTube video about.

Add YouTube video and publish it.

Time allowing ‘brand’ my YouTube Channel profile.


OK so now I’ve come back on Thursday to finish the post.

The post I decided to create is on niche selection.

Niche selection is a real deal-breaker of a decision.

Get it wrong and hundreds of hours could be wasted!

In researching this post I also wanted to represent the best thinking I could find on the subject.

Which in turn has lead me to question my approach with this site  😕

I like the challenge type idea. Love those goal based real life reality type shows.

But should I niche down further than folks interested in making money online using the Wealthy Affiliate training resources?

I think the answer is YES…

I’ll sleep on this.


How Did I Do Against My Objectives?…

Badly  😥

Well I’ve written quite a lot of the niche selection post. But sidetracked myself reading all the interesting content.

How can I compete with such good content?

More words…

More Images…


Everything – throw the kitchen sink at it.

Undecided will sleep on this too!

Obviously no Video created or produced either.

Good News

Did manage to create and publish a page on my content marketing strategy. 😀

Born of the indecision regarding the niche post. I suddenly got the need to define my strategy in a page chronologically tracking how it might change over time.

Having never ever kept a personal diary or journal. I quite like the idea of recording my objectives for the next day, and then seeing how I  actually do against them.

I think this maybe quite self illuminating….

I hope this may also be more interesting if anyone reads it.



Missed all objectives.

Added a Content Marketing Strategy page.

Time Taken

2 hours researching Niche Selection

1 hour writing my niche selection post (not complete)

1 hour writing and publishing a page on my content marketing strategy.


Next Day




Testing what works online. Sharing the stuff that works and flagging the stuff the doesn't. Model the good stuff avoid the rest... If you have any questions I'm always happy to help :)

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