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Summary:  I originally bought this in 2014 (version 1.0) fully expecting to hate it...

I don't.

CBPI costs either $47 Monthly or $97 one time payment. There is one $97 upsell which you don't need​ but I'll discuss later.

If you want a solid ethical system to promote that can earn you recurring affiliate commissions you should evaluate CB Passive Income.

This system only requires you to drive the traffic to it.Which you can do in any way you choose (training on free and paid methods​ is included).

You're driving the traffic into Patric Chan's​ business 'sales funnels' which will convert visitors into email subscribers and use follow up email marketing to turn them into customers. So earning you money 🙂

You get paid affiliate commissions on 100% of resulting sales indefinitely. ​

You leverage Patric's reputation and entire business model keeping all commissions, Patric gets free traffic (from his members promotional activities) and to sell more of his products (many of which are included in the follow up email sequence).

Note: CB Passive Income 4.0 only promotes products that are sold via Clickbank. Products promoted are all in the make money niche and are considered high quality and proven by Patric.

Note: All Clickbank products promoted come with a full 60 day money back guarantee which is one of the reasons I think this is ethical program to promote.​

There's a lot more about CBPI 4.0 Below...

CB Passive Income - 3 Years Of Membership...

Firstly let me prove that I bought this in 2014 (click the image to zoom)...

I was skeptical when this system first came out and wanted to check the lead system and that my affiliate links was embedded in all emails as promised...

First the lead system. This is a list of all the people that have opted into the various lead capture funnels CBPI offers (5 at writing).

Most of the above emails are me for testing purposes as I've never seriously promoted CBPI.

But I can attest to the fact the system does work and my email address is embedded in all the promotional emails the system sends on my behalf.

Even 3 years later!​

Here's how too test this for yourself...

My Clickbank ID is 'rpenf'. To know my affiliate link is working I need to see 'rpenf' as the affiliate ID at the very bottom of the Clickbank payment page (don't worry you don't need to buy anything, you just need to make sure your affiliate ID is showing).

It looks like this...​

​So if you want to test this out you can click my affiliate link for CB Passive Income below...


This will take you to the sales page where Patric will tell you about CBPI himself.

Two things to test here...

1. Is 'rpenf' (my affiliate ID) showing at the bottom of the Clickbank payment page.

2. If we go to exit the page we'll see the exit pop which invites us to some free training in return for our email. If you're interested in evaluating the email follow up series add your email here. Because when you get emails from Patric and click through the offers to the Clickbank payment pages you should always see my affiliate ID (rpenf). This proves that the system is working.

Obviously if you're promoting this product it will be you affiliate ID showing not mine 🙂

Let's test the Clickbank payment page first.

Scroll to the bottom of Patrics sales page and click one of the buy buttons (doesn't matter which as you're only testing). Looks like...

Clicking one of those bad boys will take you to the Clickbank payment page which looks like...

And there at the bottom underlined in red is 'rpenf' my Clickbank affiliate ID proving that everything is working fine.

But what about the email follow up series?

3 years after signing up for CB Passive Income will Patric still be promoting my Clickbank affiliate ID?​

Below is a recent view of my email  folder containing all Patrics recent emails...​

As you can see to this day Patric is still sending me plenty of emails. 

Not all trying to sell me stuff either.

A nice mix of free training and promotion.

But for me to be making money from all this my affiliate ID needs to be attached to the promotions... Is it?

To check this like before open the email click through the link and if it's a promotion click all the way to the Clickbank payment page. Check to make sure the affiliate ID is there at the bottom...

You'll find they are... proving Patric is true to his word and will promote consistently on our behalf as promised.​

How to make money with CP Passive Income...

1. The simplest way is to grab your Clickbank affiliate link and start promoting it any way you like.

ClB Passive Income members navigation

The image left shows the CBPI members navigation. There is extensive training on how to promote your business under the training tab both free, paid and separated out mobile methods...

One of the big changes I've noticed from 2014 to now is that version 4.0 is much more detailed with far more training and increased front end products to promote. 

Under the 'Your Unique Link' tab you gain access to all of the front end products you can promote with your business.

What this means is you can attract people into the business by giving away free valuable information on different areas of internet marketing.

All hot topics at the time of writing there's Cost Per Action Marketing, List Building, Free Email Swipes, App Development, Penny Leads, and Operation Quick Money.

Here's what the listbuilding one looks like...

Clickbank Passive Income 4.0 list building lead magnet

​If you want to check the info out for yourself here's the link...



So the CB Passive Income offers 7 front end Internet Marketing related websites/offers/guides designed to build an email list and enable Patric to market to subscribers on our behalf on an ongoing basis.

We as affiliates can profit by promoting CBPI and leveraging Patric's reputation and authority. Patric also profits as many of the products we earn from he will too (most pay us 75% leaving Patric the rest).

So our task is to drive traffic.

Patric does all the testing and selling for us... a fair deal?

There's another way to earn money from this system...

Building your own list of subscribers to market to.

Two ways of doing this...

The list of leads / email subscribers collected can be exported via spreadsheet and could be uploaded to your own autoresponder (depending on their rules regarding adding subscribers manually).


Upgrading to the upsell - Inbox Pro ($97 one time payment) will get Patric's team to integrate ​their system with your email provider and so automating the whole process.

If you don't have one Patric will also give you free unlimited access to their own autoresponder​ (which you can use for all your business needs not just the CBPI stuff). Most autoresponder services are charged on a monthly basis (Aweber is $19 for example). So this is a potentially a very attractive deal.

After 3 years of sitting on the fence I've decided to promote CB Passive Income because...

  • I've seen Patric keep all his promises.
  • I like the idea of a done for you service that doesn't promote MLM's.
  • I doubt it'll make me rich but I do expect a steady monthly profit stream...​

For more info on CB Passive Income 4.0 CLICK HERE

What do you think?

Any experience of this product?​

Please ask / comment below I always reply...​


Testing what works online. Sharing the stuff that works and flagging the stuff the doesn't. Model the good stuff avoid the rest... If you have any questions I'm always happy to help :)