Evergreen Passive Income 


Q: What is Evergreen Passive Income specifically?

Evergreen Passive Income is a system Rob Cornish developed that is currently earning him up to $245.50 a day in affiliate commissions. Rob uses Video training to show you step-by-step how he does this and exactly what you need to do in order to replicate the system.


Q: Can this really be just a 60 minute set-up?

Yes, It actually took Rob less than 60 minutes. But we all work at different rates so this is a guide - The case study shows you exactly what Rob created in order to earn these repeating evergreen commissions.


Q: Is there only 15 minutes a month maintenance work?

Yes, this is one of the key aspects of the system – it’s passive, meaning that very little time is required to keep it running. Rob spends around 10-15 minutes a month maintaining the particular income stream he shows you (he has others too which he mentions inside the members area). Rob also explains that it varies: some months he might spend no time in maintenance and at other times it might be longer. Either way, it's not much.


Q: Does this work better than other Affiliate Marketing Methods I’ve seen before?


Yes, because of the “E + A + E Formula.” This ensures minimal set up time, passive earnings (rather than a short term spike in income like most methods) and also genuine promotion (as opposed to a lot of the "fake" affiliate marketing you see).


Q: Does This Use 100% Free Traffic?

Yes, you don’t need to spend any money on traffic whatsoever (Rob shows you the promotion and how he gains traffic). And there's no link building, SEO or social media either.


Personally, I use PPC traffic to speed up the profits from this and have provided a free guide if you'd like to do this too (why not it ADDS to your profits). You can get my free guide by clicking the button below...


Q: Does the training give you EVERYTHING you need to succeed?

Yes, In 10 concise videos Rob shows you his case study as well as walking you through the exact steps to replicate the system yourself. You also get the 1-page cheat sheet, which allows you to get started faster.


Q: Can you really get this working without spending?

Yes, The longer answer is that having your own blog and website is recommended (although not absolutely necessary). So if you don't have a site then you can either pay under $10 for the domain name and around $5 per month for hosting. Or, If you want to do this for free I'd suggest joining Wealthy Affiliate as a FREE member where you can build 2 websites that would work for this at zero cost.


You can join Wealthy Affiliate for free here...​


Q: Can you do this with NO technical skills?

Yes. The method involves no technical expertise at all. This is one of its advantages.


Q: Is there a guarantee?

Yes, there is a 30 day money back guarantee. Just email support[at]gainhigherground.com and you’ll receive a courteous and timely refund, no questions asked and you can keep the downloaded materials too.

Q: Is this step-by-step?

Yes, Rob personally walks you through the entire system in 10 videos. Lots of real life examples, his own case study and how to set this up yourself.


Q: Can I start making money with this FAST?

Yes, BUT like anything in life, it really depends on how quickly you take action. If you act urgently, then you can have the set up done and ready to profit today. The exact timing of profits and how much you'll make or won't make is impossible to say. Rob can't predict this for his own campaigns so he won't even try to do so for yours!


Q: Will Evergreen Passive Income work for any niche?


Yes, EPI works in all of the major profitable marketers like Health, Wealth, and Relationships. There are probably some smaller less profitable niches where it might be tricky because sufficient affiliate programs are simply not available. But these are very much the exception to the rule.

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