How I Learned
by David Sharpe

If you're selling the idea of anything you want to learn this basic storytelling format.

David has used this skill learned as he explains from helping folks with the addiction struggles he faced.

To become a millionaire. 

Based to a large extent on David's ability to relate to people through story...

Step 1. Explain what it was like. The struggle period.

Step 2. What happened to change things

Step 3. What it's like now...

I used to feel overwhelmed and confused trying to learn to make money as an affiliate. So much to learn so many fake promises...

Discovering a mentor showed me the power of SIMPLE.

Simple systems that I could plug into that did much of the work for me. Like training wheels on a bike enabled me to ride before I had the confidence...

Now I know I can earn money by simply sharing the systems that work for me.

And the best part?

This can work for you too.

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Testing what works online. Sharing the stuff that works and flagging the stuff the doesn't. Model the good stuff avoid the rest...

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