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How To Increase Conversions by STORY Selling…

How ​To IncreaseCONVERSIONSby UsingThe Story Selling Formula For those like me without the eyesight of youth…You have a problemYou find something or meet someone who understands your painYou find a guide manual or someone gives you oneYou succeed or fail”Here’s how you can avoid my pain or copy my results…”

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Vulnerability – The Fast Track To Connection…

How to use Vulnerability to build connection with your audience

Vulnerability The Fast Track To Connection… Funny how fate deals the cards. I was travelling to Lanzarote on holiday few weeks ago looking forward to reading the “The First Law” trilogy by Joe Abercrombie. Turns out I hadn’t pushed the charger in far enough on my Kindle …1% charge 🙁 Seeing my predicament Rebecca my daughter suggested I […]

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How I Learned Storytelling by David Sharpe

Video of David Sharpe explaining how he learned storytelling

How I Learned Storytelling by David Sharpe If you’re selling the idea of anything you want to learn this basic storytelling format.David has used this skill learned as he explains from helping folks with the addiction struggles he faced.To become a millionaire. Based to a large extent on David’s ability to relate to people through story…Step 1. […]

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