How to use Vulnerability to build connection with your audience

Vulnerability – The Fast Track To Connection…




The Fast Track To Connection…

Funny how fate deals the cards.

I was travelling to Lanzarote on holiday few weeks ago looking forward to reading the “The First Law” trilogy by Joe Abercrombie.

Turns out I hadn’t pushed the charger in far enough on my Kindle …1% charge πŸ™

Seeing my predicament Rebecca my daughter suggested I read a book she had been given for her birthday…

So I started reading “Rising Strong” by Brene Brown…

Loved it.

Fast forward 3 weeks. Our whole family are committed to implementing Brene’s strategies into our lives.

Thank you Brene πŸ™‚

Fates next card was a YouTube notification that Dave Sharpe had released a video about Vulnerability & Courage. 

Specifically about how sharing his vulnerability was his business breakthrough.

I feel this content is potentially life changing so wanted to share Brenes first TEDX talk which I believe is a great intro to some challenging topics…

And if you want to see how Dave Sharpe embraced his vulnerability to break through in business his video is below…

As I created this post it made me want to think of some way to lean into my vulnerability?

Something to combine marketing, YouTube (which I continue to put off) and doing something nice for my wife Susanne…

I haven’t figured this out yet but I’ll add a link here when I do….


2 responses to “Vulnerability – The Fast Track To Connection…”

  1. Hey Richard,

    Not sure if you remember me but shortly after I signed up for Wealthy Affiliate I wrote to you and thanked you for the suggestion. I am thanking you again for these suggestions and this post. If you are truly trying to find a way to implement vulnerability into your marketing then stop avoiding Youtube because your true vulnerabilities will be seen on screen.

    You are way further along than I am because I am scared to even take the first steps of putting my links to my website out there yet. Yet alone to be capturing names and emails of potential clients or putting myself out there on Facebook and Youtube. I can tell you though there is no better way to show your vulnerabilities than to just dive head first into it.

    Thank you again. I really do appreciate all of these little tid bids of information that you send out to your list.

    I also wanted to talk with you regarding your emails from Get Response. For some reason I keep finding your emails in my spam folder. I have even gone so far as to add your email to my contacts and white listed your email, yet still it goes to spam. Are you creating a text version of your email and using the spam checker tool at Get Response before sending out your emails?

    It makes a big difference as to whether or not your email lands in the spam folder or not. Hope that helps my friend. I would love it if you and I could talk shop one day. I am highly enthusiastic about marketing and every faucet of it. I wish you all the health, wealth, and happiness that you could ever want for your and your family.

    Take care Richard,

    Joshua Horton

    1. Hi Joshua, thank you so much for your encouragement to dive into YouTube. I plan to start today (we’ll see).

      In terms of GetResponse email service, yes I always check the spam score before sending. I presume (I’ll check this) that GR automatically creates a plain text version of the email.

      I’ve seriously pruned my list (deleted over 1100 subs) to try and improve engagement which may help inboxing, but I’m feeling my way a little on these matters. I also use Active Campaign and can’t help but notice the open and engagement performance is a LOT BETTER.

      Probably due to AC being not so ‘affiliate friendly’ and therefore not associated with spam. Because I rarely link directly to offers in my emails preferring to link to my blog AC doesn’t see me as an affiliate.

      Thanks again πŸ™‚

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