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How I Learned Storytelling by David Sharpe

Video of David Sharpe explaining how he learned storytelling

How I Learned Storytelling by David Sharpe If you’re selling the idea of anything you want to learn this basic storytelling format.David has used this skill learned as he explains from helping folks with the addiction struggles he faced.To become a millionaire. Based to a large extent on David’s ability to relate to people through story…Step 1. […]

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Copywriting : Brian Moran’s Million Dollar 7 Step Blueprint

Brian's 7 step blueprint slides to be used as a quick reminder

(Copywriting)Brian Moran’s7 Step Million DollarBLUEPRINT Just watched Brian’s Samcart presentation …loved it. Here are the copywriting screenshots I took to remind myself of the steps. This will help anybody sell or influence their audience… And finally the close. Clicking on any of the images will open them full size. I created this just to help remind me, but it […]

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