Shiny Object Lemonade

Lee Murrays Shiny Object Lemonade review

A Macro Affiliate Strategy From Lee Murray


This is a PDF. Well written and inspiring...

User Friendly

Everything needed is provided or linked too.


The best $5 I've EVER Spent!

Summary:  This is guide has re-ignited my affiliate marketing fire.

73 pages that are enjoyable reading and for me inspiring. This will work for any type affiliate marketer.

You'll learn a winning mindset, 3 great based business models and... I love this tagline...

"How To Get Paid Even When You Fail"

If you've ever bought a 'how to' product before this product will both inspire you to try it again, and show you how to earn money from doing it.


  • Great mindset training at such a low price point. 
  • 3 easily website based business models
  • 4th hybrid model that's my fav
  • Sales page that actually explains what the product is about
  • 30 Day Guarantee


  • Up-sells: You don't need them but they are relevant.
  • Sorry I'm done... it's $5 and I loved it!

Review : Why SOL Has Given Me Back My Fizz...

Pot Pie Girl (very successful long-time Wealthy Affiliate member) recommended this (Jennifer never promotes crap).

I loved the sales page tells you what the product is and why you should buy it. Good emotive copywriting, but not based on excessive hype and curiosity.

I bought it because I actually should buy MORE internet products to review!

I actually need to contract shiny object syndrome :)​

So rather than a normal review, I'm going to document what I'm doing with the product and how this pans out for me.

I remember really enjoying the first few weeks of starting this very website and documenting the early progress.

But over time and with other work commitments creating content became a bit of a 'grind'.

No regrets the site makes a nice steady supplementary income, and enjoy the social side of Wealthy Affiliate but my enthusiasm had waned 🙁

Enter Shiny Object Lemonade and a new 'positioning'...

​Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Inspired by Lee Murray's grow a pair and become a leader rather than a follower. I've planned out some short-term action goals.

I love the idea of action based goals because as Tony Robbins say's they give you the chance to set yourself up to win... they're 100% within MY control.​

So my first task based goals (set on 6th Oct 2016) where to:-

  • ​Mind map a rough plan - immediately.
  • Pick one sustainable traffic source and send traffic to the SOL sales page - immediately.
  • Create a SOL review post on WAC (this one)
  • Build an email list of people interested in SOL
  • Create a simple bonus for people who buy SOL
  • Agree (with myself) a realistic schedule to update my progress (weekly / bi-weekly).
  • Update my Wealthy Affiliate  Challenge post to put my goals out there - social accountability if you like.

​To be continued...

Goals and results reporting summary

(Updated November 2016)

Luckily I did run Bing PPC ads to this offer to test the interest...

Nada. About 3 impressions after 3 days. No clicks, cost or sales.​

I think I'm the only person who likes this 🙂

Canned all further activity... though I do like this and will continue to journal goals and outcomes as Lee suggests.​



Testing what works online. Sharing the stuff that works and flagging the stuff the doesn't. Model the good stuff avoid the rest... If you have any questions I'm always happy to help :)

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